Busy Steve “Ain’t Got No Time” For A New Diet Weight Loss Plan. EET Facebook Final Four Fantasy Edition

What do Facebook, the NCAA Final Four and Steve’s Famous Tri-Tip Chili have to with Long Term Weight Loss?  It will just take a minute to find out.

Mary was beaming as she clicked away on her keyboard. “Hey, guess what I just posted on Facebook”:

”Lost another 3 lbs lost this week! That a total of 17 lbs!  I love this life and I AM NEVER GOING BACK! Of course I ended it with some xoxo’s and a heart.  I’m just so excited!”

“I’m happy for you, honey.”  Steve said without looking up from his smart phone.  “But, that diet plan you’re on is just too complicated and I ain’t got no time to take on anything new at this point.  But, seriously, it’s great that it’s working for you.”

A moment later, Steve looked up and said, “Hey, where exactly do I need to go to get my passport updated so I’ll have it back in time for our trip?   Only time I got is skipping out on work a bit early Wednesday.  Can’t do it Friday morning cause I got my tee time.  Got no time today cuz I told the Peterson’s I’d make my famous tri tip chili and I gotta stop by the store for a few things and I gotta have prep time to get it simmering just right.  Gotta hurry because I’m watching Kansas shock the world tonight right from the opening tip off!”

“I’ll get you the address.  You’d better get moving, sounds like you gotta super busy week”, Mary said with heavy sarcasm.

 Steve’s face was buried in his smart phone again.  He half-mindedly replied, “Juuuust need one more minute to finish my fantasy lineup for tonight..  Oh yeah!  Gotta post my prediction on NCAA.com because my bracket is still alive and it’s the third tiebreaker!”


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