The Power of SPACE and TIME For Long Term Weight Loss Using EET – REVIEW Ready

EET Fitness searches for answers to long term weight loss looking in completely different places than restrictive and deprivation based diets. By doing this  we’ve found many answers in our TIMING Guidelines that have helped many people reach and maintain their weight loss and fitness goals. 

How has deprivation and restrictive dieting worked out over the last 30-40 years?  Let’s see…….

Anyhow, it should come as no surprise  we’ve found some new helpful answers looking at Time’s companion: SPACE.  Wednesday night at EET’s Webinar (6:15 PM PST) we’ll review the role of SPACE in your EET plan and help you understand important issues like:

How SPACE can be used to lose weight when you understand:

  • The way Carbs, Proteins and Fats Metabolize for Energy

  • Hunger

  • Exercise, Rest and Recovery

  • Guilt and Stress Reduction

  • How much SPACE should be left on your Plate at meals 🙂


Invites?  email

Sunday Webinar Recorded 

 EET BASICS:  Review of the EETing Day and Options

Check it out any TIME by clicking the link.  Will help you get back to the EET Basics of

EET Timing, Planning and Guilt Free FUN for Stress Free Long Term Weight Loss


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