Jo Loses 110 lbs After 1 Year on EET :”You MUST Enjoy the Ride” to Lose Weight Long Term

EET at 1 Yr:  Jo has lost 110 lbs and eliminated insulin  – she says “EET’s Techniques can change your life.    You eat the foods you love without stress.  EET is the best thing ever!”  Hear more of Jo’s keys to success in her video in this blog post.

 Jo is EET’s Shining Star.  When she first started EET, she had everything working against her.  Her health was failing, her stress was growing, her eating was out of control.


Could Jo have lost more after 1 year?  Maybe, but Jo completely understands yo-yo dieting’s “check mark from hell pattern”, and SHE DOESN’T WANT TO BE DOOMED TO GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK!    Jo’s amazing results are thanks to her trust in EET’s teaching that “Enjoying the Ride” by EETing what you love is the best LONG TERM cure available for obesity and fitness.  Plus, 110 lbs in 12 months is not SLOW by any means.

Jo has a message for those who want to know how she did it and how YOU can do it – Watch this:

Then you can go to these links for more background if you’d like to read and watch more about Jo’s amazing EET Journey to date :

Jo Loses 100 lbs (97) in 6 Months w/ EET + Buffalo Wild Wings PICS VIDEO Off Insulin Too!

1 YEAR LATER No Forbidden Foods, No Portion Control Still Works for EET Diabetic Trial Participants PIC!

and Watch this too:

Congrats to Jo — EET is truly honored to be a part of your world.  You represent the best of The EET Fitness Plan and you inspire all of us!  


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