How to Survive and ENJOY Weight Loss For 5 Years w/ EET (hint: STOP TRYING!!!!) Examples

What can trying to survive in dangerous rapids teach us about ENJOYING our weight loss plans long term?   EET says PLENTY and has the examples to prove it.

  EET Fitness’ Webinar would like to discuss the amazingly consistent notion among dieters that some magical time in the future is coming when “it’s all gonna click”  and everything will be just right for weight loss success– meaning:

  • You’ll be “READY”

  • You’ll be incredibly motivated

  • You’ll have no stress getting in the way

  • You’ll have no family or other social interference (travel, holidays, etc)

  • You can learn to hate or at the least swear off forever things you currently love (like most great food)

and you can FINALLY focus on getting that “weight loss thing” that’s been nagging you off your “to do list”.

EET always responds to this notion with our favorite question:

How’s That Workin’ Out For Ya!! 🙂

But unlike any other diet or fitness plan that simply leaves you hanging when it comes to finding a better way that actually has a real chance at long term success — EET is happy to review how we do things differently.

EET never relies on





As those are proven failures for almost everyone (as in EVERYONE) for long term weight loss.

Instead EET suggests you view long term weight loss as trying to fight your way upstream against an extremely powerful river full of often violently turbulent rapids.  Are you motivated enough or do you have the strength to swim against the rapids…..FOREVER?


EET wants you to use the approach experienced whitewater experts use on the rapids —

“If your only option is to swim across rapids, always swim with the current and never against it. If you also keep yourself horizontal to the water, this will also reduce the chances of being pulled under. If the current is so fast that you’d be unable to actually swim, there are two different techniques to ‘surf’ the rapids, depending on whether they’re shallow or deep. If they’re shallow, lie on your back with your feet pointing downstream and place your hands at a horizontal angle to your hips so that they act like fins and keep your feet up so that they don’t get snagged on rocks. This technique will act as a floating mechanism. In deeper rapids, however, you should come downstream on your stomach trying to maintain an angle that keeps you close to the shoreline and being vigilant and trying to avoid any swirling whirlpools that can occur which can suck you under.”

FROM: How to Cross Rivers, Streams, and Rapids – Secrets of Survival

Sure sounds like long term weight loss conditions to EET!  Might as well enjoy the ride!  Check out the Webinar Recording and the highlight summary podcast HERE for a lot more FUN suggestions on how to SURVIVE AND ENJOY you diet over the long term.


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