How to LOVE Your EET Weight Loss Plan w/ Donna – Menus, Emails, LIVE MORE

EET will start from WEEK 1 with Donna’s EETing to explain how she went from “I am disappointed” to ” “EET is amazing! Slurpees, Pot Roast and Cupcakes and still losing weight!” 

How did superstar EETer Donna go from these quotes:

“I know that EET is not restrictive but I feel it is… Got to get over that.”

“It seems as though there are a few key points I am missing to make this lifestyle change start/work”

To just a few weeks later:

Here are some photos from dinner last night.   Happy eye-grazing!  😀

Another “big” weekend of food and friends but THIS time, I am “battle ready” with my pre-exercises and better choices. 😀

Another pound lost yesterday, even with pizza!  EET WORKS buddy!!! (and yes you can blog this if ya wanna!!!)

Find out how it all happend with tons of the actual details–menus, emails and more! 

Tonight at EET’s Webinar  6:15 PM PST

And get your questions ready for Donna — She’ll be LIVE at an EET Webinar in the next 2 weeks!


Here’s some more details:

EET Fitness has told you endlessly that we are 100% committed to STRESS FREE LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS.

Now, we’re gonna show you how we get you there by sharing the weekly updates and email correspondence from a real live EET Hall of Famer Success Story!


— AND how she went from this “frustration” her first month:

To THIS result 1 year later:

And from these sorts of comments

Well I am disappointed about my weight loss this past week. I had a treat on Friday but, for the most part, I was either somewhat hungry or not eating what I REALLY wanted the majority of the week. I exercised like MAD, even when SUPER tired, but I only managed to loose 1 1/2 lb. over this week. Why would this be? I mean I have truly not really eaten that much at all – Smaller portions, even. At the beginning of this week I weighed 151.7 and today I weigh 150.2. You can see I worked out 7 days this past week and even went to the gym on Saturday!


After making it through till Thursday, I pretty much “ditched” the EET Fitness plan for the rest of the weekend. I was busy all weekend with friends, and was at the mercy of their meals, no fridge, and not worrying about it too much. I am pretty sure that I gained back the 1 1/2 lbs, and probably added to it.


My acupuncturist had me eating congee for breakfast: brown rice, filtered water, dried apricots and seasoned with agave nectar and a pinch of naturally sweetened granola (sweetened with blueberries). She said this as a metabolism starter… Know anything about this?


Ok, Saturday was even MORE over-the-top than YOU thought: I forgot to include my “snacking/indulgence” on Saturday night.

Wow. Seriously – This reminds me of EARLY college insanity! Sure was a fun, non-worry day though! 🙂


Check OUT that OLD school, southern soul food dinner last night! NOTHING gained! 🙂 Exercise is falling off last two days due to HECTIC scheduling!!!!!!!!


Your plan ROCKS. It really, really does. This is amazing. While it takes a lot of dedication (consciousness of foods, let’s say and no grazing), it is soooooooo do-able and soooooooo worth it! Where else can you have a slurpee and pot roast, cupcakes and loose weight!??!

We’ll fill in a bunch of the blanks tomorrow night at EET’s 50th Webinar. And you will then have your chance to study what this great EETer did and how EET helped her succeed and then we’ll have a follow up webinar where our great EETer will actually APPEAR LIVE to talk about her EET journey and answer all your questions! Can’t Wait!!

All this FUN starts tomorrow night at 6:15 PM PST, so we hope you’ll find the TIME to join us and see, in glorious detail, how EET turns a short term stress eating dieter into an Stress Free Long Term EETer!



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