If U Knew What Patti Eats on EET While Losing 30+ lbs (below goal!) for 1 Year – You’d JOIN! VIDEO PICS HOF!!

Patti, 56, is not willing to sacrifice her quality of life just to lose weight — and 30+ lbs and 1 year later EET loves her for it!. HOF BABY!

If EET Fitness hadn’t read the journals that Patti has sent in over the last year as part of her EET support system, we wouldn’t believe her results either.ย  I don’t think even Patti believes she can eat what she EET’s — do ya Patti? ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Lost 30-35 lbs lost (depending on the FUN meals that week — plus her goal was to lose 25 so why not fluctuate in a FUN range!)

  • Off diabetic medication

  • Improved all blood readings and vital signs– A LOT in some cases

  • EET’s what she wants (and when she wants it a lot of the time too!)

That’s what EET can do if you’re willing to learn, and Patti will tell you, she’s still learning — but MAN is she having some fun “enjoying the ride”!ย ย  ย 


More EET learning curve for Patti for next year – WE NEED FOOD IN OUR THUMBS UP PICS!ย  Don’t stress — you’ll get there ๐Ÿ™‚

Patti now realizes it wasn’t her, it was her DIET PLAN – Deprivation, Guilt, Painful Exercise – couldn’t get the job done. All that was missing was some good ol’ fashioned EET Timing and FUN and now Patti is BELOW her goal weight, healthier and more confident than ever, all while EETing the foods she loves, without restriction, based on HER plan each week — not some set of stodgy unsustainable rules – GUILT FREE.

Patti has a message for those who want to know how she did it and how YOU can do it – JOIN EET AND STICK WITH IT! — Watch this:

Special thanks to fellow EET HOFer Patty’s husband Steve (a very successful EETer is his own right!) who shot pics and videos during the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration of EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet Trial at South Tabor Clinic in Portland, Oregon

Then you can read this for more background and if you’d like to hear more about Patti and FUN food and improved health, fitness, etc ๐Ÿ™‚ :

Patti & Wayne Lose 30 + 15 lbs Thru Travel, Wine +ย MORE

and Watch this too:

Congrats to Patti — Welcome to EET’s Hall of Fame and EET’s Last 10 Club – –YOU SO DESERVE IT! Keep EETing and loving that food of yours and STRESS FREE Long Term weight loss is sure to keep following! ๐Ÿ™‚


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