1 Year Later: Donna’s 3 Keys To Start EET Successfully for Long Term Weight Loss and Fitness

The 3 keys to success that Donna used to start EETing that have her at her goals 1 year later.  Where’s the “lose 10 lbs in 10 days fast start?”  hmmmm…..

The EET Fitness Plan has created a road map to EETing success that we’re covering in our current Webinars featuring new Hall of Famer Donna who is at her goal weight 1 year after starting with EET.

EET had the long term weight loss answers for Donna, and many many others — and Donna has been kind enough to share her story so we can really break it down and show you how someone goes from a “dieter” obsessed with losing weight FAST at all costs to an EETer who loses weight using TIMING GUIDELINES because they’re FUN and enjoyable so we WANT to stay on our plans for a LONG TIME!

So EET is skipping a few Sunday webinars to let EETers really focus on Donna’s story and all the details. We highly recommend you go and watch the recorded version of last wednesday’s webinar by clicking HERE or on the slide above.

We’ll review Donna’s next steps along the road map to EET success at next Wednesday’s Webinar, and Donna will be LIVE at the following EET webinar to answer all your questions — PLAN FOR IT IF YOU WANT TO LOVE YOUR EET PLAN AND MEET YOUR GOALS!






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