Donna’s EET Weight Loss Success Helping Others – MORE Emails That Changed Everything!

“again thank you so much!  I feel like EET might be doable for me after all.  I will not be scared to tell you what I eet going forward because I know now you do not judge you only try to move things around, I really appreciated your approach today.”

                    Part of actual email from EETer who followed advice from Part 1 of Donna’s Success Story Webinar – Part 2 TONIGHT!

EET has found long time dieter’s worlds can change in a hurry once they understand how to build a solid foundation with EET Fitness.  Donna showed this EETer (and serveral others) that these 3 Steps are KEY to EET Success:

Several EETers listened and took action, and are very glad they did!  As a result they are closer to Stress Free Long Term Weight Loss.

Tonight at 6:15 PST EET Fitness will show you more steps to EETing that are just as powerful!  We’ll review Donna’s Hall of Fame EET experience focusing on specific detailed:

  • Email correspondence that changed EVERYTHING about Donna’s EETing skills


This Webinar WILL help you!  Invites?

And here’s some more background to get you all set for tonight:

Well, of COURSE I gained 2 lbs. back because of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Damn… Oh well.. I figured. There are times in your life when you have a guest and you just have to say, “Oh well”. I’m telling you, this is THE crazy time of year here but after all of this, everything should go back to normal (meaning the parties and such are about over). These last 2 months are extraordinary Looking forward to some “normalcy” but have had a lot of fun, too!
I am NOT going to beat myself up because these were VERY conscious choices I made and THAT is part of what EET is all about. I lost it once, will lose again. I feel pretty good about my forecast this week. I may really stick to chicken and stuff though… May change my lunches to be smaller…… We will see as I go!

Have a good week,
part of email Email exchange from EETer Donna 5 Weeks into her plan that changed her life.

Last Wednesday, we reviewed Superstar EETer Donna’s excellent “less than stellar weight loss” start with The EET Fitness Plan. That Webinar has been recorded and you can CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Next Wednesday, in part 2 of Donna’s fantastic EET success story, we are gonna go DEEP into Donna’s specific menus and show how she learned to time her meals in ways that let her EET what she wanted WHEN she wanted to while steadily on her way to her weight loss and fitness goals:

Actual Donna EET Timing Menu (click to enlarge)

AND — we’ll review the email exchange between Donna and Mr. EET that rocked Donna’s world and allowed her to lose all the weight she wanted to and maintain it for over a year (and still EETing!). It happened about 5 weeks after Donna started on EET. At that point she had lost about 5 pounds.

It all started with the seemingly harmless basic update email above. But Mr. EET saw what Donna was really saying. Join us next Wednesday and see how the drama played out — it might be what YOU need to hear too??


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