Donna Proves THE 3 Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss Success w/ EET include WHATABURGER !

“Well, I DID my plan (for  the week) then saw a Whataburger commercial. Tomorrow’s lunch may have a small shake-up…  :D”

EET says, GIVE UP DEPRIVATION DIETING!  You’ve tried endlessly to make the Lifestyle Change to restrictive diets and endless exercise  – “YOU CAN’T DO IT!  Research is clear that ALMOST NO ONE CAN over 2-5 years!  BUT EET does have 3 Lifestyle Changes you might want to consider if you’re interested in STRESS FREE Long Term Weight Loss….

Here’s some keys you can use from Donna’s email exchange with Mr. EET that changed everything for her and allowed her to reach her weight loss goals using The EET Fitness Plan and still be there after 1 year (and counting!):


How Donna Did EET (For OVER 1 YEAR and still going!):

Before: April 18, 2011

“Well, of COURSE I gained 2 lbs. back because of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Damn… Oh well..”

After: April 25, 2011 (week after email that changed everything!) 

Still in the game and I DID still lose, after all.”  

How Donna Did EET (For 1 Year + and Still Going!):

Before: April 25, 2011

“Weekend activities and such have really, really reversed my progress.”

After: April 25, 2011 (FROM email exchange  that changed everything!)

“You lost weight last week which was similar to a Holiday Week with an entire weekend of decadence!!  

You’ve lost 5 lbs in 5 Weeks.  20 weeks is 5 months – so you could  enjoy the same great foods as last week every week and be at or beyond your goals in a very short timeyes 5 months is a very short time!!

How Donna Did EET (For 1 YEAR+ & Still Going!)

Before: March 20, 2011 SUNDAY MARCH 20, 2011

After making it through till Thursday, I pretty much “ditched” the EET Fitness plan for the rest of the weekend…  I am pretty sure that I gained back the 1 1/2 lbs, and probably added to it.

After: April 18, 2011 (week after email that changed everything!) 

 “Well, I DID my plan (for  the week) then saw a Whataburger commercial. Tomorrow’s lunch may have a small shake-up…  :D”

You can learn a lot more details about Donna’s success from DAY 1 by watching EET’s 2 most recent Webinars  (she’s on Day 365++++ now!):

Click HERE to check them and other EET Webinars out! 

Note that Part 2 includes a complete EET Light Meal Planner with OVER 40 MENUS You Can Use!  Write us at for an excel version you can use today!


Donna can tell you what DID work using EET for 1 year + , not what SHOULD work –or worse  — what works for a short time then FAILS (as in deprivation diets!)!

Donna will be joining us next Wednesday night May 2  to answer all your questions about her EET experience — you can hear what DID work for her directly FROM her and EET is betting you’ll see how a lot of  the ways she used EET’s Timing Guidelines to succeed can work for you too — they sure have for plenty of others! 



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