Vegan Beachbody Athlete Lotte Has FUN w EET Loses 6.5 lbs in 2 Weeks (BELOW GOAL!)

“Man I worked hard to stay at 142 and with EET I barely worked to get to 136….CRAZY!”

Lotte, after 2 weeks on EET.

EET Fitness gets a bad rap, mostly cuz of Mr. EET’s “diet” (feel free to call it that 🙂 ).

Truth is — EET is a TIMING Plan for Eating and Exercise, and EET can help ANYONE by applying the power of EET’s Metabolic and other Timing Guidelines to ANY diet or exercise training plan you wish to follow.

EET has done this before — numerous times.  This is Lotte’s blog post so we won’t mention any names but you can GO HERE and see a bunch of them for yourself

Anyhow — Lotte started EETing all of two weeks ago.  We never know how quickly EET will work for people (EET is far more concerned with how long results will LAST), but for Lotte it worked IMMEDIATELY.  Instead of 3 hour bike rides, she TIMED EET’s 20 minute interval workouts, and within 2 weeks, she lost MORE than the 5 lbs she’s been trying to lose for the last year!

Here’s what Lotte has to say about her EETing so far:

I met Jon 3 weeks ago, – and he told me a little bit about his eeting and fitness program. Having been a lifelong athlete and generally really good about my diet (nice way to say she saw Mr. and Mrs. EET’s diet 🙂 ), – I didn’t think this was a program for me. But, – I had been struggling with a running injury and bathing suit season is right around the corner, so I was somewhat intrigued, – and who wouldn’t want to lose a few pounds while not giving anything up?

So, – with nothing but a small fee and a few pounds to lose, –  I signed up, and made it my goal to lose 5 pounds.  After all, – I had not lost or gained any weight in 1 year, – even though I ran a good 20 miles a week and rode my bike an average on 75 miles a week, all year round, and stick to a vegan plant based diet. 5 pounds seemed like a really ambitious goal, – and I was somewhat skeptical about this whole program. I always thought I had to work really hard to keep my weight stable. …..

Thank you EET!  I ate what I usually eat,  plus no small amount chocolate cake, worked out a lot less – and lost 6.5 pounds in 2 weeks!

Crazy, but true.

Not only that, – I had a lot of FUN playing with EET’s Guidelines, and a lot more time, since I actually cut way back on my usually long and exhausting exercises, in favor of EET’s 20 minute timed intervals. More time, more food, less weight. What’s not to love? Just doubled my goal and I’m going for the last 10 club……..

Congrats to Lotte on an amazing start with EET!  And fyi, Lotte is now already IN EET’s “last 10” CLUB because she met (exceeded) her goal!  You don’t need to lose 10 lbs or more (even though SHE WILL if she wants to and keeps EETing). 


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