Mother’s Day At Ritz – PROOF You’re On A TIMING Plan – EET Adds Weight Loss, Fitness and FUN!

This Mother’s Day Brunch PROVES you already follow an Eating and Exercise Timing (EET) Plan, and it’s producing results.  Are they the results you want?  That’s where EET Fitness’ Timing Guidelines come in.

“Steve, make sure we have the reservations confirmed for 1:00 PM, okay?” Mary said excitedly.

Steve replied, “And what reservations would those be?”

“I KNEW IT!”  Mary shot up, sending the covers sprawling off both of them.  You forgot about Mother’s Day Brunch at The Ritz!  You probably never even made the reservations did you!  I’m on the treadmill for 45 minutes every morning and eating salad and grilled chicken every day this week because you promised me a huge brunch at the Ritz on Sunday.  Why am I wasting my time!!

Steve rolled over and looked at Mary as best he could while rubbing his eyes.  “Honey, you had me make those reservations two weeks ago, WHICH I DID.  You made me confirm them last week, WHICH I DID!  Plus it’s 3 oclock in the morning and it’s only Tuesday.  Can I please call them again after the sun comes up?”

“Okay, sorry. Mary said.  “But don’t forget, because I’m in “boot camp” till Sunday and Mother’s Day is MY day.  She then grabbed her menu from the nightstand and held it out proudly.  Those ricotta cheeze blintzes with the berry compote are to die for and I’m planning on 4 of them on my first plate!”

“Yes, Dear”, Steve sighed.


For the last two weeks, EETers have learned the secrets to Donna’s success from the day she started on The EET Fitness Plan.  This Wednesday May 2, 2012 at 6:15 PM , we’ll review the keys to Donna’s EETing success which has gone for over a year now, and Donna herself will be joining us LIVE to answer any and all of your EETing questions!

Donna has already helped many EETers with their EET plans by allowing us to share her story — talking with her live should help even more!



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