EET HOFer Donna: Secrets To EET Weight Loss, Fitness Success (Flexibility, Pizza, More) LIVE TONIGHT!

Another “big” weekend of food and friends but THIS time, I am “battle ready” with EET. Another pound lost yesterday, even w beer and pizza!  EET WORKS buddy!! 😀

Superstar EETer Donna 2 months into her Year of Successful EETing


For the last two weeks, EETers have learned the secrets to Donna’s success from the day she started on The EET Fitness Plan.

TONIGHT Wednesday May 2, 2012 at 6:15 PM , we’ll review the keys to Donna’s EETing success which has gone for over a year now, and Donna herself will be joining us LIVE to answer any and all of your EETing questions!

Donna has already helped many EETers with their EET plans by allowing us to share her story — talking with her live should help even more!



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