Learn To NegotiEET Fried Pancake Puppies for Weight Loss ANY TIME! EET Webinar Tonight!

Told you Mr. EET has been in the Lab 🙂 — NEW EET MENUS YOU CAN USE to NegotiEET your weight loss and Fitness!

Here’s a preview from one of EET’s New DETAILED Timing Menus EETers can try for Weight Loss, Fitness and FUN!

EET Fitness has been busy in “the lab” lately, trying to find more ways for EETers to ENJOY their EET plans while continuing to lose weight and become more fit.

We think we’ve found MORE answers including several SPECIFIC TIMING MENUS that truly do include foods like ice cream, popcorn or candy as a pre bed snack — or you would be welcome to sub in fruit, grains or your choice of carbs if the more “FUN” choices aren’t foods you care to EET (EET NEVER JUDGES FOOD CHOICES! That’s the world of the dieter!).

The Donut for Breakfast on the SAME Menu above is not shown, but it WILL BE! 🙂

EVERY day on EET’s new menus has a DETAILED suggested meal, activity or exercise plan and we’ll go through the details TONIGHT at Sunday Night at EET’s Webinar.

6:00 PST




EET is so grateful to superstar EETer Donna for her time and sharing at EET’s Webinar last Wednesday.

You can check out a 5 minute Podcast from the webinar HERE

EET Hall of Famer Donna Keys to EET Success

Or hear the entire Webinar Clicking HERE or on the PIC :

The feedback from EETers was great and reviewing the highlights of Donna’s success with EET is sure to help many EETers for years to come — INCLUDING DONNA!


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