EET Reveals Its ONE KEY For Long Term Weight Loss – WARNING – It Includes the “F” Word!

Bet you’ve never heard any diet plan tell you EET’s KEY was the key to weight loss success!  With EET it ABSOLUTELY is.  Scroll down if you want see it now w/o the background info!

Remember this?

NWCR Study: Chances of Long Term (10 yr+) Weight Loss 1 in 30,000

But that 1 in 30,000 longshot is based negotiating in the world of Deprivation Dieting, a negotiation you agree to that goes something like this:

YOU:  Pay your choice of weight loss / fitness plan to agree to deprive yourself of most if not all foods you love and exercise painfully far more than you want to.

WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS INDUSTRY:  Takes your money and shows you how to suffer and struggle to meet your weight loss and fitness goals – which are usually based on other people’s standards.

This negotiating strategy for weight loss and fitness has been around for ages now, so how has it worked out for you?

The weight loss plans got your money and your TIME, and what did you end up with?  As all weight loss studies and statistics on obesity clearly indicate, we ended up with LESS MONEY, more weight on our bodies than when we started and increasingly worse fitness levels. Oh and let’s not forget the guilt you now feel every time you eat the foods you USED to love that you are now convinced are causing you to gain weight!

EET has created a completely new NegotiEETing strategy that eliminated any sort of deprivation, and EET has been producing remarkable results for many EETers for several years now:

But, EET has found that our negotiEETing strategy is so different from deprivation dieting that it’s been hard to clearly explain and ever harder for life long dieters to understand.  All that is about to change.   It started last night at EET’s Webinar when EET revealed it’s SINGLE most important belief for success.  We call it


When have you heard this key in ANY other diet plan?  Now you know EET is truly different!

IMPORTANT:  EET aplogizes for the use of the “F” word.  We KNOW how hard weight loss is for dieters and we so respect your efforts.  But is EET’s KEY is so vital for success  we had to make sure you remembered it!

But that’s not all EET revealed — Check out a lot more of EET’s NegotiEETing Strategy for Stress Free Weight Loss including ACTUAL detailed menus HERE:

CLICK HERE TO WATCH EET’S WEBINAR During the Webinar EET gave EETers HOMEWORK: Focus on EET’s Key Belief for Success this week and think about what truly makes you happy.  You might give it a try too!  Is it:

Suffering and depriving yourself while others enjoy amazing food just to look a certain way, or try to achieve some benchmark of fitness FAST you can never sustain?

or is it

Going “off your plan” and eating uncontrollably to get ready to deprive yourself again the next day, or after the weekend, AND feeling horrible about it afterwards?  Or worse — WHILE your eating it?  Neither sound like happiness to EET.  But dieters keep doing these things over and over and over and over — Let EET assure you there is a much much much much better way.

And stay closely tuned because there’s more –New short, sweet and simple rules to winning an EET NegotiEETion every time on your path to Stress Free Long Term Weight Loss:



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