Einstein Helps EET Again! 3 SIMPLE Rules for Long Term Weight Loss

“I can help you keep losing but will it improve your quality of life or just be meeting a number on the scale?”

                One of MANY quotes (MORE BELOW) from Mr. EET to Long Term EET Successes that resulted in EET’s 3 Rules

Mr. EET is no Einstein.  Just a big fan.  Albert Einstein’s famous “definition of insanity” quote was part of the inspiration for The EET Fitness Plan and transformational SUSTAINABLE weight loss and fitness success for a bunch of EETers who now recognize there is a better way. 

BUT – EET is far from perfect.  EET has been hard to explain takes time to understand, and since EVERYONE is so busy, Mr. EET knew this his revolutionary new plan could take a long, long time to create a true revolution in weight loss and fitness.

But, EET is hoping all that is about to change.  And Einstein’s genius “explain it simply” quote was again a huge inspiration:

“Will skipping that dessert help you meet your goal, or take you further from it?   Building a sustainable EET plan is far far far more important and temptations and stresses are always gonna be there, so let’s be a bit more creative and see if we can show that EET doesn’t require deprivation for success.”

–One of MANY quotes from Mr. EET to Long Term EET Successes that resulted in EET’s 3 Rules

Einstein is SO right!  So Mr. EET went back into “the lab” to find ways to make EET simpler to explain.   We studied the mountains of correspondence with the MANY EETers who have succeeded for 12 months or longer on EET, and we found what worked for ALL of them.

TONIGHT AT 6:15 PM PST  AT EET’S WEBINAR — WITHIN 15 MINUTES, you can judge for yourself how Einstein’s inspiration did this time around.   (You have to admit, his track record with EET is pretty darn good so far!)

“So you are a true EET success — everything you write tells me you don’t feel anything close to successful — you are worried about getting as many pounds a week off as you can — is that the most sustainable way?”

–One of MANY quotes from Mr. EET to Long Term EET Successes that resulted in EET’s 3 Rules





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