Jim, 69, Talks Corn Dogs, 70 lb Weight Loss and How EET Cured His Diabetes for 2+ Years VIDEO

EET taught me life is too short to stress about weight loss.  Focusing on QUALITY OF LIFE which includes great foods I love using EET Timing has made it easy to succeed.

Jim, 69 Former Diabetic now 2+ YEAR EET Hall of Famer – More in Video Below

Jim really does make EET look easy, but he’s earned every bit of his success. (Links of prior updates about Jim are at the end of this blog post if you’re interested)

Jim went from being seriously obese, a diabetic A1c of 7.4, routine blood sugar readings of 300 or more and suffering a heart attack, to a person who slowly but surely phased in the  lifestyle he wanted using EET.  And as this video we shot last on Jim’s first all trail mountain bike ride as well as his AMAZING medical results update shown below that prove – Jim is absolutely, positively is “Enjoying The Ride” with EET!

(Jim started his biking on a paved flat path 2 years ago and has used EET Progressions to full mountain biking on dirt trails at age 69!  We’re now planning to see him make it all the way up Mount Tam in the next few years 🙂 )

AND CHECK OUT THESE 3/2012 DR.S RESULTS!  With MUCH Less Medication too!!

WOW!  Jim’s phenomenal medical results seem to indicate loving a good corn dog is HEALTHY!? 🙂

CONGRATS TO MY GOOD FRIEND JIM on over 2 years of fantastic EETing!  You’re as inspiring as it gets!

One more note:  Jim is gonna join us for an EET Webinar soon to talk about his success — watch for it!  Here’s those background links on Jim:

67 yr old Diabetic Heart Attack Sufferer Becoming Athlete

Mr. EET and Jim, 68, TV Interview on Diabetic Diet Success

EET Diabetic Diet Jim A1C Drops to 5 from 7.6 in 4 Mo. NOW 14 Months


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