Serious About Weight Loss & Fitness Goals? EET Asks These 12 Questions FIRST.

EET Fitness is amazed that other weight loss and fitness plans  simply sell you their cookie cutter “formulas” for weight loss and fitness without helping you assess what YOU need to succeed.  Just as importantly, assessments can prevent you from taking approaches that could be harmful to your health or even downright dangerous.

Most plans simply assume you can determine if their plan is right for you and recommend you see your Dr. before you start.  How has that worked out for us?

While EET agrees reviewing your plan with your Dr. is essential before starting any plan, it leaves a lot of issues unaddressed that could make or break your success.

So for those who are serious about truly achieving long term weight loss and fitness, and equally  importantly, building a plan you can love and want to stay with, EET wants to show you some of the key questions we have EETers answer before they build their EET Plan (these are shortened versions of EET’s assessment tools we review with each EETer):

click to enlarge slides

While this information is only a small part of EET, we are excited to share more and more of our unique approach to weight loss and fitness and let you see why our success rate has been so much higher than other diet and exercise plans.

Maybe you should be asking your current weight loss and fitness plans a few questions?


We’ll update EETers on our progress and give you some new tools you can use IMMEDIATELY.  The feedback on our last webinar

Has been fantastic with several EETers using EET’s rules to get to their all time lows!

Again, we’ll hit the highlights tomorrow night in the first 15 minutes so we hope you’ll find the TIME to join us!  You should–If you’re serious about your weight loss and fitness goals — and EETing great food all along the way!



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