Meet the New EET Fitness Plan – 1 PAGE! Same Weight Loss, Fitness and Foods YOU Love as the Old EET

Meet The “NEW” EET Fitness Plan – Explained in 1 page.  It’s the SAME as the old plan, just EASIER!  Now you can try EET by learning just this ONE PAGE!

Mr. EET loves The Who’s music every bit as much as I love EETing ice cream, donuts and pizza guilt free!  So I’m thrilled that one of The Who’s classic lines is perfect for today’s blog post:

“Meet the New Boss.  Same as the Old Boss”

— The Who  from “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

The EET Fitness Plan that has produced so many success stories has now been boiled down to ONE SIMPLE PAGE — but it’s still the same old EET Fitness Plan!

ANYONE can now start negotiEETing using this ONE simple page!    We’ll show you details and examples tonight!  (Click to enlarge)

Tonight, at EET’s Webinar we’ll unveil details, show examples and teach you just how EASY negotiEETing can be.

Hopefully, soon, those who continue to think EET is just another diet “Won’t Get Fooled Again”!



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