Alexandra NegotiEETs 24 lbs PAINLESS Weight Loss 1 Yr+ Later! PICS! No Metabolic Disease Just EET !

Alexandra has negotiEETed an incredibly successful EET plan and now has 24 lbs weight loss, fitness and gets to EET Guilt Free–a fantastic QUALITY OF LIFE!

POP QUIZ:  Which sounds better to you?

a) lose 24 lbs in 90 days “bringing it” with plenty of pain, deprivation and sacifice with no plan for what to do after 90 days? 

b)  lose 24 lbs over 18 months NegotiEETing food you love along the way, while staying away from anything that pains you and having a clear plan of how you can keep it off?

Alexandra is person b and she’s damn happy about it! 

Welcome to EET’s world of long term weight loss! 🙂

 Alexandra first started EETing in late 2010 – A YEAR AND A HALF AGO!  She liked EET’s concepts but struggled early on with the impatience with results that plague all dieters, and she became less and less communicative.  EET kept in touch with her though because EET knows we’re on a long term journey here so how you start means nothing – it’s how you FINISH.   In other words:

EET NEVER gives up on an EETer!

Well, after several months of silence, Alexandra finally “Gets EET”!  We got the following email from Alexandra, and she was SO kind to agree to share it along with her pics with EET’s Blog readers because she has been inspired by other EET success stories and hoped she could help others who think weight loss has to be painful when EET is telling them it’s all about negotiEETing a plan that makes you HAPPY!

 Hi Jon,

 Don’t know if you remember me….I’ve been meaning to write you for a while to thank you so much for what you have taught me about painless weight loss! Since we last spoke, I’ve lost 24 pounds! Remember how frustrated I was initially that the scale would not budge? I was certain I had some sort of metabolic disease or some sort of resistance to weight loss. You told me to hang in there and just keep doing it. Well, I followed your plan, not always to the letter, but within your guidelines most of the time, and IT WORKED!  I’m only about 5 lbs away from my goal weight. I feel fantastic, people tell me I look younger…I’m going to get my cholesterol tested soon to see how those numbers look now.

 I used to think that I couldn’t lose weight unless I engaged in intense, joint-pounding, sweaty exercise (which I didn’t like), but I was able to achieve weight loss, toned muscles, and fitness with EET  just using walking and Pilates. And of course, I also incorporated eating-timing as a lifestyle. I certainly didn’t execute it perfectly, but I just did it MOST of the time.

 I hope all is well with you and that you are experiencing the success with your business that you deserve! I always look forward to your emails with updates and new information. Thank you for everything!! Have a wonderful weekend : )

 Best regards,


 PS (in response to my reply)  Yes! I promise to send you a food pic with the EET thumbs up when I reach my goal weight!

Another Successful NegotiEETion!!

Alexandra is a GREAT example of how EETers should be negotiEETing.  And with EET’s Rules now firmly in place, more EETers should be seeing the light soon!


Congrats and thanks to Alexandra for allowing EET to share your story — There are a BUNCH more EETers out there who have had great success but haven’t let me share their story yet (a couple are qualified to be EET Hall of Famers!!) —  please share your success – you deserve the recognition and you’ll inspire others!  


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