“Desperate” College Student Julie Loses 40 lbs NegotiEETing Dr. Recommended EET ! WATCH ACTUAL CONSULTATION!

Want to HEAR and SEE what 40 lbs of weight loss sounds like? EET recorded Julie’s initial consultation that resulted in 40 lbs lost so far and it’s FREE for you to watch if you become an EET member!

EET Fitness’ plea for other great success stories to step forward worked!  EETer Julie is having fantastic success with EET during a very challenging college, work and social schedule, and wants to inspire others to succeed as well!

 Last week we shared Alexandra’s Success Story of Painless Weight Loss, and got some great feedback.  We also noted:


One week later EET is proud to share this update from Superstar EETer Julie.  She’s not really “desperate” as the Blog Title indicates – she’s just a typical college student and EET knows that losing weight while in college is HARD.  Julie was sick and tired of the deprivation and restrictions of diets and desperately sought a weight loss plan that could create a lifestyle she could enjoy.  Lucky for her (and EET) she asked Dr. Caren Reaves for a recommendation and, well, here we are!

Dr. Caren Reaves helped Julie by recommending EET.  Caren gets NO COMPENSATION from EET for her recommendations.  Just weight loss and a better quality of life for her and her patients! 🙂

Here’s what Julie has to say about her EETing experience so far:

As a college student trying to lose weight is hard. I’ve been overweight for a long time and I was sick of it. I went to my doctor and she suggested EET Fit because she had tried it. I figured what could it hurt, I’ve tried almost everything else. So I signed up for the program. Jon was able to work the whole program into my college schedule and I’m still able to go out with my friends and have fun. I’m not quite at my goal weight yet but I’ve lost about 40 pounds using the program. I love using the planner and planning my week in advance it makes it so much easier for me to deal with what I’ve got going on. Also this plan is great because I don’t feel like I’m on a diet (and when I’m with my friends I don’t eat like I’m on one), I can have unhealthy food if I want as long as I time it right. It’s easy to lose the weight, I was so happy when the plan started working. The plan was customized around my schedule which can be rough, but this program has made a huge difference in my life, and I’m glad I gave it a try.


EET highly recommends all EETers check out Julie’s Consult that she was SO kind to record and share — it’s been there for you for months – so if you’ve put it off, stop doing that! 🙂 The consult has a lot of great info and more importantly IT WORKED!

If you’re not an EET member you can get access to Julie’s consult plus GET ONE OF YOUR OWN and a whole lot more if you join EET or you can hear the consult and learn the basics of EET Metabolic Timing by purchasing the EETfit Timing Kit.

WAY TO GO JULIE!  We’ll look forward to hearing more about your EET success soon!


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