What National Donut Day Proves About Weight Loss, Fitness, Quality of Life and EET TIMING

Hey obese people! You had the green light to eat donuts YESTERDAY!  Someone declared a holiday for donuts so it’s okay–indulge!  Eat them TOMORROW however, and you should be ashamed of yourself. (see note about pic at end of blog post!)

There were children in strollers and people with canes and a man with his American water spaniel — all of them grabbing doughnuts and shoveling them in.

Only the day before, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg had declared his intention to ban sugared plus-size sodas at many outlets to help fight obesity. And yet he had also proclaimed Friday “NYC Donut Day.”

Suki Escalera, 65, had already eaten three doughnuts at the Entenmann’s setup, and was clutching a fourth. It was supposed to be one per customer, but she had a winning way about her.  She lives in Florida but was visiting her daughter and happened on the doughnut dispersal. She had recently succeeded in losing 30 pounds, and was trying to maintain her weight. Yet here she was going haywire. “I have a sweet tooth,” she confessed. “I see a doughnut and I eat it.” What about her weight protocol?  “I’m going to go now and walk them off.”

Looking at Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Through a Doughnut Hole  New York Times  June 2012

What’s SO wrong about this picture?

Yesterday was National Donut Day — a DAY where you are encouraged to eat donuts in honor the women who served donuts to soldiers during WWII.  Did assigning a DAY to the “unhealthy” food let you enjoy your donut(s) guilt free?

It’s not just obese folks either.    I’m betting there were parents who truly believe donuts are poison who allowed their children to have one because after all “it is National Donut Day”.  Wow.

Can others defining a holiday at a particular TIME on the calendar like Thanksgiving, or Christmas and apparently National Donut Day actually completely eliminate the guilt and shame you normally associate with “unhealthy foods”?  

For most, the answer is YES.  Admittedly, there are others who can’t shake the guilt or shame they feel eating foods they supposedly love any TIME.  (Interestingly, many of those folks are THIN!)

Defining days on a Calendar as “ok for Fun Foods”  is a clear example of the power of TIMING changing everything about the way you look at and enjoy food. 

Now, try to imagine if YOU made the choice of which days on the Calendar it was okay to eat the foods you love with no guilt, shame or regret.  

Try to imagine that being EVERY day.  That would be pretty sweet eh?

THAT is EET Timing and that’s what The EET Fitness Plan is all about.


NegotiEETing EET’s DAILY MENUS – Can a Calendar Change the Foods You Love?  YES!

Sunday Night 6:00 PM PST

We’ll review EET’s 3 specific “prepackaged” timing menus and discuss how to make substitutions you LOVE with the help of a CALENDAR.  Skeptical?  Are you skeptical you’ll eat Turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce and more on Thanksgiving?  Hmmmm….



NOTE: Mr. EET is ALWAYS proud of the donuts he EET’s!  Above pic are my most recent donuts of choice — eaten GUILT FREE on the day of MY choosing.  I take pics of most of them “for the record”–just hit me up if you wanna see the 100’s I’ve eaten during 2012! 🙂

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