5 Times EET Says Exercise Is Not Important (or Harmful) For Weight Loss, Fitness

EET says why kid yourself “it’s really gonna be different this TIME” when you can Enjoy the Ride SO much more NegotiEETing your exercise (or NOT).  More questions we’ll answer at Tonight’s Webinar below. (click to enlarge slide)

EET Fitness has some very unique views on Exercise for weight loss, fitness and quality of life including NOT EXERCISING!

Here’s some of what we’re gonna cover at EET’s Wednesday Webinar 6:15 PM PST

1) How does EET’s Rule that all Exercise MUST be injury free increase your chances of long term success astronomically?

2) When does EET feel exercise is not a big deal for weight loss success?

3) When does EET feel exercise is KEY to weight loss success?

4) EET says don’t even THINK about how many calories you burn exercising?? (Yep. Instead, we’ll tell you some much better thoughts!) 🙂

5) What should you do if you absolutely HATE exercise (EET has 4 CLEAR options you get to pick from every time)

6) What happens if you break EET’s rule and get injured exercising?

Plus much much more — Join us and become a MUCH better (and happier) negotiEETer playing by EET’s Rules!




Once again, EET’s focus on practical ideas you can use NOW paid off with this webinar as we got 2 updates within 1 day saying how they used the ideas in this webinar successfully! Hopefully it will be a lot more than that over time.

Check it out HERE — the first 15 minutes will tell you the keys–then you can watch the rest when you have time.


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