Crossfit P90x Bootcamp Not Impressive to EET For Long Term Weight Loss Fitness -Here’s Why

How many cool crossfit exercises you can do, how hard you can “bring it”, how much weight you can lift doesn’t impress EET.  Eat all the foods you love with no restrictions while still losing weight, becoming more fit and especially improving your health.  THAT impresses EET and that’s what NegotiEETing is all about!

Here are some highlights from EET Fitness’ Latest Webinar (now recorded and ready for viewing–Click HERE to check it out!) which includes a SPECIFIC ACTION PLAN you can follow: 

We are NOT in an exercise competition.  EET doesn’t care how much you exercise unless it’s a well thought out part of a successful NegotiEETing plan, and NO EXERCISE is often a legitimate option.   With EET you should not be doing any more exercise than you NEED to do to accomplish your long term goals.


Too many people come to EET and continue to think exercise is the key to weight loss.  EET has proven over and over that It’s NOT.  EET says we’re simply on a plan to build a great quality of life, lose weight and become more fit and we’ll do the least amount of INJURY FREE exercise needed to reach these goals long term.


If you want to reach some sort of milestone fitness goal, that’s a completely different EET plan and you should contact EET to make that happen (EET Coaching Services), but recognize that goal will not be a long term plan, and may not create weight loss or overall improved fitness either short or long term.


….So, if we follow a plan that allows to stay injury free doing exercise we LOVE, do it when we love to do it and do it in amounts we love to do, we’ll stay on our plans long term and exercise can become a helpful tool in our successful NegotiEEtions.

It’s the people who think, “I’ve got to make this happen NOW, and start busting their butts risking injury doing exercise they have no hope of staying with, they’re the ones who can’t make a weight loss and fitness plan work long term.  You’ll hear all about how great their plan is as they get started and as they see some short term weight loss or improved fitness.  Then you see them a few months or perhaps a year later and they’re “off” that plan and weigh more than when they started.  Not only do countless studies and all available research prove this is true,  I know it’s true because that person was ME for over 20 years before I discovered EET.


EET has spent the last several weeks teaching how to use EET much more easily using our NegotiEETions and playing by EET’s Rules.  Has it helped?  Hopefully so, but whatever your current status, we want to take a step back and review some keys to EET vs the nightmare diets and exercise plans of your past so you can see why EET’s Rules are so worth your TIME.



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