HOW Kathy NegotiEETs Bi-Rite Salted Caramel Ice Cream, No Longer Diabetic and 150 lbs Weight Loss PICS!

Kathy and Mr. EET work on our NegotiEETing Skills yesterday w/ the best ice cream on the planet – Salted Caramel SOFT SERVE at Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco!  Lots more “work” to do while Kathy visits the Bay Area! 🙂

EET Fitness’ ultimate superstar Kathy has not had an easy go in 2012 with an incredibly full plate.   2 high stress jobs, 2 kids to care for as well as emergency gall bladder surgery.  Anyone could understand how life challenges like these would justify the end of a diet.  EET encouraged  Kathy NOT to focus on weight loss during this time, but not to abandon her EET Timing, which has made her so much healthier and happier either.

Kathy wasn’t perfect, but she never went “off the wagon” because EET has much better strategies that make you never need to go “off the wagon”.

Kathy simply did the best she could to use EET’s Rules and EET’s Tools to manage her EETing and be happy during a challenging time.   And that’s all EET ever asks of any EETer.   EVER.

Now that Kathy is feeling better, she’s has been doing some really masterful NegotiEETions using EET’s rules and she’s generously agreed to do some guest blog posts to show you how she is managing the foods she loves with the weight loss and improved fitness she loves while not sacrificing her quality of life using EET.

Here’s her first NegotiEETing Update:

Two weeks ago I decided I was going to choose one of EET’s Preplanned 6 week NegotiEETing menus and chose to do the Weight Loss Lovers. My focus was to simply practice following my plan by using EET’s Rules to succeed. 

This plan only included 1 FUN meal a week, and I have been consistently having several FUN meals a week so I wondered, “will I feel deprived if I limit myself to only 1 FUN meal this week?” How could I succeed with this negotiEETion, follow EET’s Rules and love it at the same time?”  Ok, if I’m only going to allow myself one FUN meal, it better be worth it, it’s got to be incredible,  a perfect 10!  Plus it also helped to know that I had my family vacation coming up next week so there would be more FUN meals coming soon. (EET Calendar Timing!)  

I plan my week on Sundays and was able to build a FUN meal for next Saturday that I was really excited about.  It was big but not so big I would feel guilty while enjoying it or regrets later for EETing it.  I laid out an appetizer and entree that were “perfect 10’s but couldn’t commit to a dessert, that one I’ll have to think about it.  As the week progressed and I had strategically placed “Treat meals” to keep me happy along with my Light Meals and was enjoying my Reeses Peanut Butter Cups tremendously.  But each time a treat was part of my meal plan, I kept hearing the call from the amazing Apple Fritter I love, but it was not included in the EET Prepackaged menu I selected for the week.   On my prior diets,  if I use my willpower (LOL non-existent) I tend to eat a lot of other “healthy” foods to try and satisfy the strong cravings for the thing I really wanted.  But EET has taught me to think differently.  I should do what makes me HAPPY. No guilt, no later regret.   I decided I can have the apple fritter, but when?  Yes you guessed it, Saturday’s dessert!  It was so good and knowing it was coming on Saturday got me through my week with success and being HAPPY!


Now THAT is some serious NegotiEETing!   Can’t wait for Kathy’s next update which hopefully will include the AMAZING food we’re enjoying together during her visit to the Bay Area (We had an Ike’s Sandwich before the Bi-Rite Salted Caramel SOFT SERVE pictured above —so so so so good!) — Even Kathy had to admit — that combo is a PERFECT 10 if it fits into your negotiEETion!

Kathy would be happy to answer any questions readers may have so you can post them here or write us at and she”ll answer you directly and/or we’ll include them in a future blog post (if you are okay with that).

Congrats to Kathy — your happiness and your continued amazing progress are incredibly inspiring to so many EETers, and anyone who knows all you’ve had to overcome and just how successful a NegotiEETer you truly are!

Mr. EET and KATHY at Wednesday’s Webinar 6:15 PM PST. 

We’ll review the keys to EET’s 1st Rule and give you specific, useful tools you can use  how you can truly EET what makes you happy–and of course Kathy will be available to answer all your questions too!


Last week’s Should You Start Your NegotiEETion Here Webinar Recorded


You can check it out and see why EET’s Rules are SO vital to your long term success and short term happiness HERE.


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