When is a Cinnabon the HEALTHIEST Choice for Weight Loss, Fitness? EET Answer HERE!

EET has proven this gorgeous Cinnabon type roll smothered in sugar and butter can be HEALTHY for weight loss?  YES!  It’s a matter of WHEN (and not only after exercise either!!)

So, When does EET say a Cinnabon is the Healthiest choice for Weight Loss and Fitness?

ANY TIME it makes you HAPPY!  (No Guilt, No Later Regret)

FULL DISCLOSURE:  This cinnamon roll is actually from Roosters Restaurant – Medford, OR    and YES Mr. EET ate it and loved it! (Mrs. EET loved her’s too! 🙂 )

Learn all the details and how to make foods like this work for you for long term weight loss and fitness tonight at EET’s Webinar.

TONIGHT at 6:15 PM PST We’ll review the keys to EET’s 1st Rule and give you specific, useful tools you can use how you can truly EET what makes you happy–and of course Kathy who’s visiting the Bay Area will be around to answer all your questions too!



Last week’s Should You Start Your NegotiEETion Here Webinar Recorded

You can check it out and see why EET’s Rules are SO vital to your long term success and short term happiness HERE.


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