Obesity CURE: YOU or Your Kids Eat This Way For Weight Loss, Fitness? EET Would (and does!)

Does this picture show the CURE for Obesity – Childhood or Adult?  EET says YES!

How does this image strike you?  Most EETers are serial yo-yo dieters and it really disturbs them to see this image.  Usually for 1 of 2 reasons:

1)  They judge the scene and think about their own eating habits and it creates signficant guilt and shame because they believe that sort of “lazy” behavior is how they got the extra weight on their bodies they now struggle with.  OR

2) They think how sad it is that America’s youth are put in the position to eat this way with such easy access to “unhealthy junk” food, video games and TV and how they “would never let their kids eat that way”.   In fact, some refuse to allow that kind of food in their house or at least severely restrict their children’s access to such horrible foods and behaviors.

And despite all those great intentions to eat healthy for adults and their children, the obesity crisis in America rages on – it’s getting worse — Solution is to keep restricting and depriving more?  EET doesn’t think so!

EET Fitness lets folks ponder the kid eating in front of the TV pic for a bit, and then asks the following questions:

  • What if this was your son and he had lost 5 lbs so far this week because he was promised this opportunity for some fun relaxation with his favorite foods watching his favorite show?

  • What if he had lost 30 lbs in the last couple of months using a TIMING pattern like this? 

  • What if all his health markers and blood readings had improved?

Would you still feel the same sort of personal guilt and shame about this picture?  Would you still feel it was a horrible situation to find your child in?  Would you still judge those foods in the pic that are part of your son’s inspiration to succeed as “unhealthy”?

Is it POSSIBLE that sometimes just vegging in front of the TV snacking on your favorite foods is a really GOOD HEALTHY thing?

Welcome to the GUILT FREE REGRET FREE world of EET Fitness for Weight Loss, Fitness and Quality of Life!


Mr. EET and EET Superstar Kathy Enjoyed our Donut Cheeseburger with Bacon At Straw in San Francisco June 2012.  The anticipation helped us stay with our EET plans with a huge smile on our faces!  Kathy no longer being a diabetic is something to smile about also!


NOTE:  Mr. EET’s 3 Sons have been allowed to EET this way throughout their upbringing– all 3 are now lean, muscular, athletic adults over 21 years old, despite LOTS of unrestricted food choices, TV and video games (to this day!).   All 3 are incredibly healthy outstanding athletes by their own choosing and all 3 love nutrition, fitness and FUN FOODS without restriction.  EET has helped other teenagers accomplish similar results as you can see in EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame.

Mr. EET is more concerned about keeping them away from dangerous nutritional supplements than Donuts and Burgers or Donut Burgers! 🙂

EET Webinar on WHY and HOW to EET What Makes You HAPPY Recorded

CLICK HERE to Watch this webinar and learn EET’s approach to what really works for weight loss and fitness in the REAL WORLD.


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