How Vicki NegotiEETed Sonic Hot Fudge Sundae at Wrong Time for Weight Loss, Fitness – PERFECTLY!

Vicki always looks great, but she’s never looked better pictured with the Beautiful Sonic Hot Fudge Sundae she NegotiEETed! She tells you how she did it in this post.     swEET!! 🙂 (click to enlarge)

EET Fitnessis putting the finishing touches on our NegotiEETing Guide for Quality of Life, Weight Loss and Fitness. 

Coming SOON — We SWEAR!!

We have been covering key components at EET’s latest webinars and getting great feedback, so we’re pretty excited about sharing EET’s latest and most powerful rules and tools that have helped so many EETers succeed and STAY with their EET plans.

Earlier this week Superstar EETer Kathy shared some great negotiEETing strategy on how she used an Apple Fritter to create a successful week of weight loss here:

HOW Kathy NegotiEETs Bi-Rite Salted Caramel Ice Cream, No Longer Diabetic and 150 lbs Weight Loss PICS!

Not to be outdone, EET Hall of Famer Vicki (lost MORE than her goal weight and kept it off for over a year and a half now) checked in and told us her latest negotiEETing success involving a certain Hot Fudge Sundae — check this strategy out

Hello Fellow EETERS

This is Vicki and I just thought I would update you on how I handled my negotieeting efforts  this week.

On Monday I began my EETing plan as usual with my noon meal which I always make my treat meal and something really fun.   BUT then 3PM came and it was time for my snack and I was craving something both Sweet and Salty and a bit more high carb and fat than I would normally eat at this time of day.  SOO what do you think I did well I went in with my Negotieeting with myself and decided that since I really did want something salty and sweet I would do 15 minutes of bike riding doing 2 minutes fast and 2 minutes slower paced.  Then I drank a large glass of Ice water and you guess it I sat myself down and enjoyed a Small Hot fudge Vanilla Sundae from Sonic with whip cream, peanuts and a cherry on the top.  WOW was that GOOD.  I didn’t feel one bit bad about it either since I chose the small one scoop sundae I was very contented and Happy:)  I prepared for something to enjoy at a time I usually would not choose to have it

and then I went for it.  But also know that when my 6PM supper time came around I chose to have myself a salad with Fat Free dressing and chicken breast and glass of water, almonds and blueberries. 

I weighed in on Tuesday morning and YAY no weight gain so I negotieeted the right way for me.

Hope some of my EETING friends find this a bit helpful.  It sure worked for me.  Happy eeting and I’ll touch base with you all again soon.

Your friend

Vicki  (Vicki has graciously agreed to share her email so you can contact her directly if you want to know just how great that sundae was!  Other EET questions would be okay too, I suppose. 🙂 )

How’s that for execution!  FANTASTIC negotiEETing and the results? 


2)  WEIGHT LOSS (managing her goal weight range)

3)  FITNESS (exercise driven by TIMING- note that Vicki does NOT do regular exercise–but she HAPPILY did it here following EET’s 1st Rule!)

Just because you can eat amazing food doesn’t mean you can NegotiEET GUILT FREE for QUALITY OF LIFE, WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS!  But ANYONE can learn!  More NegotiEETing strategies from EET Superstars coming soon!

WARNING:  EET’s  NegotiEETing Strategies are provided for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY to give you a small glimpse of the wonderful world of The EET (Eating and Exercise Timing) Fitness Plan. Vicki, Kathy and the other successful EETers we’ll be sharing strategies from  are highly experienced NegotiEETers with a proven track record of EETing Success with weight loss, fitness, improved health and of course, quality of life . EET Fitness expressly disclaims responsibility and is not liable for any illness, injury or damages caused by your attempts to use of its plans and supporting materials.   


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