EET’s Only 2 FORBIDDEN Ingredients! Spiritual Side Of Weight Loss, Fitness, Quality of Life

Mr. EET’s Beer Battered Garlic Fries with Crab and Garlic Aioli HAD to be EETen without Guilt or Later Regret to be truly loved!  EET explains WHY and HOW! 

Most of us have been taught all our lives that cheating is wrong.  It’s bad, it’s SHAMEFUL.  When you cheat, it’s appropriate to feel GUILTY.

And yet, when it comes to staying with our weight loss and fitness plans, we’re told it’s acceptable and are even encouraged to adopt a completely different set of beliefs?   Diet experts tell us that it’s okay to indulge in a “GUILTY Pleasure” that’s not on our plan?  Fitness gurus insist that we should incorporate “CHEAT Meals” or even “CHEAT Days” into our plans?

And doing things that involve Guilt and Cheating will make us happy?  FOR HOW LONG?

EET Fitness doesn’t believe guilt, cheating and the later regrets that always come with them could possibly be a part of any long term diet plan that we would consider SUCCESSFUL for quality of life.    Therefore EET teaches a different set of values that can remove all of these horrible associations with food and exercise that simply are not helpful or necessary:

And, how does EET eliminate Guilt and Later Regret from Dieting? 

This can be a really hard concept for long term, guilt ridden yo-yo dieters to accept — so EET had to add another step to make this solution  incredibly effective:

Learn how TIMING and other EET secrets can end your use of EET’s 2 Forbidden Ingredients GUILT and LATER REGRET Wednesday 6/20 at 6:15 PST at EET’s Webinar:



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