NURSE, Dancer, PhD Kelley Loses 45 lbs w/ EET NegotiEETing Out GUILT & Not Much Else WOW! PICS!

EET LOVES nurses!  Really smart caring people with crazy timing schedules, high stress, who try to make everyone happy while putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own — they are MADE for EET.

Even with all my old crappy baggage, I have found a life-style I can embrace, not just tolerate for a short time.  EET works!  It works!  Please believe me, a former dancer with every bad habit known to man, it works!  JUST BE PATIENT!  EET caught up with me when I wasn’t looking and I am so jazzed now, I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

—- Nurse, Ex Dancer and now awesome NegotiEETer Dr. Kelley PhD (MORE  FROM KELLEY BELOW)

EET Fitness has found nurses, even more than others, have a really hard time believing EET.  They can’t seem to imagine a plan that has no forbidden foods, no predefined portion control, a plan that actually WANTS you to enjoy your food and your life GUILT FREE.  They keep looking for “the catch”  “Where’s the struggle required to lose weight?  The guilt?  The sacrifice?    The painful exercise?” The cow urine shots? 🙂 The surgical procedure? 🙂 :-). 

Kelley’s story should inspire everyone who’s struggling with weight loss.  She isn’t just a nurse, she’s an ex-dancer with a PhD.  She has pursued perfection throughout her career, and reached some incredibly high levels of success professionally. 

But weight loss doesn’t work that way.  KNOW THIS:  Perfectionism is the ENEMY of weight loss! 

We told Kelley she needed to NegotiEET a plan she could enjoy cause ANY weight loss needs to last a REALLY long time!   She tried but kept bailing out at the first sign of failure.  EET just smiled and bided our TIME — FINALLY

Kelley stopped trying to be perfect and simply followed the parts of EET she was WILLING to do (which wasn’t much!!)! 

A “perfect” NegotiEETing strategy!!

Buh bye guilt!  Buh bye 45 lbs — and counting!

Here’s Kelley’s powerful story in her own words — required reading for Nurses and other perfectionists!

Hello fellow EET’ers!

I am a former ‘Hall of Shame’ superstar – a constant diet failure, a body abuser, a ‘sick-trick’ junkie, and ultimately a horribly overweight and just plain old and defeated person.  As a real adult I never made life-style changes, I would follow a program I hated until I couldn’t stand it anymore, then quit.  And my reasons for being a regular pork chop came right back into the fore and every moment of dieting would be all for naught.

Take a look at my pictures below.  I was a true dancer for many years, shoot, I even have my PhD in Dance.  But with the joy of dancing also comes the expectations of what we call body aesthetics.  To look the part and fit into the mindset of our audiences, you have to be willow thin and powerful as a horse.  And believe me, the whole dance world is in on championing that ideal body.  Every day, all day, you watch yourself in mirrors, hear your partners complain that you might have eaten something because you are hard to lift, pull in/tuck under/elongate, and you pass up food proudly.  How miserable can that lifestyle be?

Last year I was horrified at a picture taken of me, and I have included that as well (above).  I don’t even know who that woman is.  Dancing has been out of my life for many years now, and the release from panic dieting and starvation was intoxicating.  For years I have eaten like every piece of food was my last.  See?  The only way I knew to be thin was abusive and it was my reality that every bite was forbidden and reflected my personal failures.

I am now a nurse and I work with Dr. Caren Reaves at the hospital.  I admire Dr. Reaves to the nth degree – she is brilliant, gentle and caring, a joy to work with, and flat out gorgeous.  When she began telling us about EET, I thought, “Why not?”.  I never thought it would work, but there was something about her enthusiasm that was contagious and it sparked the smallest bit of interest in me.  I signed up with very little hope and absolutely no expectations or confidence.

Jon worked his be-hind off with me, and believe me, I was no easy student.  I was, in fact, horrible and a failure just waiting to happen.  And when I didn’t lose a dog-gone thing after a solid month of pretending I was doing EET, I was ready to quit and accept it as another loss.  Heaven forbid I should ever blame myself.  But a few key principles managed to stick with me, and guys, they were precious few.

My only step at first was to delay eating for several hours in the morning.  I gave up what Mammy in Gone with the Wind called “Eating like a field hand and gobbling like a hog.”.  I did a hungry/fuel check around 10:00 and did what I needed to do so lunch wasn’t a frantic grabbing of everything in the cafeteria.  I also asked my gourmet cook husband to hold off on the 8pm servings of Beef Wellington, wine, and sinful desserts.  He wasn’t happy, but he joined in the spirit of things.  J

That’s it.  That is all I have done.  Period.  By the time I lost 15 pounds and kept it off without a struggle, I was finding I wasn’t exhausted all the time, and swimming in the pool was fun and not an ass-whoopin’.  I still refuse to call it exercise..  Then the 15 pounds turned into 30, then 40, now 45.  I was thinking, “What is going on?!”.  This shouldn’t be happening!  But it was and is!

All of you know how Jon works with us at our own pace and with our own crappy baggage.  He never gave up so it seems like the least I could do was make a stab at it.  With his encouragement and the EET Plan, I have found a life-style I can embrace, not just tolerate for a short time.  It works!  It works!  Please believe me, a former dancer with every bad habit known to man, it works!  JUST BE PATIENT!  EET caught up with me when I wasn’t looking and I am so jazzed now, I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Jon has asked me for a now photo – can I wait to show you all something at the end of the summer?  When you weigh as much as I did, it takes a while to show much difference visually, my clothes know it, and my body knows it, but it might not look like much.  I want everyone to be as excited as I am, so this fall I will show you the fruits of my no-labor.  Deal?

EET on!

Dr. Kelly

 EET LOVES NURSES!  Maybe now more Nurses will love EET back!   Congrats to Kelley on your success with EET and thank you so much for sharing your story!  We hope it inspires our other nurse EETers to relax and work on negotiEETing their EET plan so they can also “enjoy the ride”!

EET WEBINAR TONIGHT 6:15 PM PST!  The END of Guilt and Regret in Weight Loss

Kelley did it, others have done it, you can do EET too!  And ALL of us can use the tools EET now offers to eliminate guilt and regret from our eating, exercise and all weight loss and fitness efforts.  EET can tell you this for sure:  If you insist on feeling guilty, you should feel far MORE guilty about missing this webinar than EETing anything you truly love in any amount you choose to EET it! 🙂



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