Doug NegotiEETion Strategy to EET Out Guilt And IN Entire Blueberry Pie – NOT CHEAT DAY! YES!

“Ok so my kids made me two pies, and I might have eaten one by myself, last piece was yesterday after lunch.”    —-Superstar EETer Doug (details below)

Even many successful EETers don’t realize how great negotiEETing can be! 

However, SLOWLY but surely that is starting to change.  EETers are waking up to the fact that amazing food is NOT the enemy of weight loss and fitness and  it’s OK, no it’s BETTER than ok, no, it’s EXCITING to share the thrill of executing an incredible NegotiEETion Strategy! 

Great WEEKLY NegotiEETing ABSOLUTELY rivals the excitement of vacation adventures.  “Guess I don’t know how exciting your vacations are” you say?  Guess you don’t know understand just how exciting my GUILT and REGRET FREE NegotiEETions are!  Plus, I get to do EET EVERY week!”  🙂

Gonna clarify this (again).  By EXCITING — I mean every bit as joyful as other exciting adventures in your life.  When you go to Paris for the first time, don’t you take pics, post them to facebook, rave about all the great things you saw and did, and ATE?  If you had a lifelong goal of skydiving, and you did it, you’d call everyone you know and want to share to every word of your adventure right? 

Last week we shared updates from EET Superstars Vicki and Kathy of negotiEETion strategies that worked to perfection which included Hot Fudge Sundaes and Apple Fritters.  Check em out here:

How Vicki NegotiEETed Sonic Hot Fudge Sundae at Wrong Time for Weight Loss, Fitness – PERFECTLY!

HOW Kathy NegotiEETs Bi-Rite Salted Caramel Ice Cream, No Longer Diabetic and 150 lbs Weight Loss PICS!

And, now we turn to Doug for his update.  He went from a Dr. Mercola “health is everything so give up all the foods you love” zealot to an EETer in a heartbeat when Mercola’s plan delivered him a triglyceride reading of 356 with a follow up blood test 30 days later using EET resulting in a reading of 87!  Read all about it here:

Doug Stops Following Dr. Mercola Tries EET Drops 10 lbs + Triglycerides from 355 to 87 in 30 Days!…

Well, looks like Doug is progressing in his EETing skills just fine — check out his update on his Father’s Day NegotiEETing strategy:


Just wanted to update you on my last week.  As you know, due to EET I am down to my ideal weight of under 165. 

Because of EET I was able to look forward to Fathers Day, or otherwise known as the second day of the year my children make me my favorite, Blueberry Pie, the other day is my birthday. 

Along with the huge surprise breakfast they made for me, it was a day of eeting which consisted of my first breakfast in over 6 months so it was very special.  Lucky I was able to get a run in prior to it to really allow me to enjoy it, and I did!!! 

So I went into the weekend at 164 lbs with EETS planning.  The Monday morning after was 168.8.  Ok so they made me two pies, and I might have eaten one by myself, last piece was yesterday after lunch.  Normally I would be disappointed in my gauging, but knowing that I will use EET to get me back to under 165 by this weekend (wife is out of town:), by just extending my fat burning zone, exercising prior to either lunch or dinner every other day, going very low carbs at dinner, I will be ready to enjoy the weekend again.  Small sacrifices to enjoy eating and drinking the foods I love, when I want them most.  Thanks again

Missouri’s Happiest Father


Great use of LOTS of Timing concepts!  Congrats to Doug on an outstanding NegotiEETion!

Have YOU got a great negotiEETing adventure to share?  I know a lot of folks who would LOVE to hear it — send it along (with PICS!!) to

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