2 NEW LARGE Clinical Studies: Sugar, Dessert TIMING HEALTHY For Weight Loss, Fitness PROVE EET – July Trial Unneeded?

No matter what “experts” claim or you’re sure you see with your own eyes, the scientific evidence is clear.  The world is NOT FLAT and you CAN eat ALL the foods you love at the correct times and dramatically INCREASE your chances of success for long term weight loss and fitness.  

EET Fitness is completely committed to using the results of scientifically proven research.  We’re really not sure what most weight loss and fitness experts are relying on when it comes to LONG TERM success, because most are recommending plans overwhelmingly proven by all available research to fail nearly EVERY Time.

JUST RELEASED! 2 more Clinical Trials with concrete results that PROVE EET’s Timing Guidelines:

Sugar debate: Fructose may be healthy after all

Study size:  209 diabetics (Type 1 or 2)

Sievenpiper and his colleagues revealed that the overall analysis showed fructose to significantly improve blood sugar control….equivalent with an oral antidiabetic drug.


‘Dessert with breakfast diet’ helps avoid weight regain by reducing cravings

Study Size   200 non diabetic adults

Halfway through the eight-month study, participants in both groups lost an average of 33 pounds (15.1 kilograms, or kg) per person, which Jakubowicz said shows that “both diets work the same.” However, in the last four months of the study, the low-carb group regained an average of 22 pounds (11.6 kg) per person, (PROVES Check Mark From Hell Pattern!) while participants who ate the dessert with breakfast diet lost another 15 pounds (6.9 kg) each (PROVES TIMING DIET – and not even a good EET plan! 🙂 ), the authors reported.

Jakubowicz (Daniela Jakubowicz, MD, the study’s principal investigator) attributed the better results from the dessert with breakfast diet to meal timing and composition.  

We’ll go ahead and add these to the large body of scientifically proven results EET has been built upon — You can find those studies and findings HERE:





Even though scientifically proven results support EET’s Timing Guidelines with overwhelming evidence, EET understands the experts will not easily give up on the faulty premise on which the current accepted weight loss and fitness model is based.   But EET has documented what their “world HAS to be flat – you MUST count calories and deprive yourself” approach to weight loss and fitness has produced, with OVER 100 of the expert’s own studies:

EET FREE Recorded Webinar Clinical Studies: Calories Exercise Motivation PROVEN Failures for Weight Loss, Fitness  (2011) .

EET has always understood that revolutionizing weight loss and fitness would take TIME.  So EET will move forward with our JULY TRIAL as planned, and let anyone willing to look see for themselves that every so often when someone declares the “world is NOT flat”, they might just be right. 



We’ve spent the last several webinars reviewing in great detail how EET’s Rules work. We also introduced EET’s PATH To Long Term Weight Loss and Fitness Success.

Wednesday’s webinar will explain the path in more detail so you can understand where you are on the path. We’ll also “put EET all together” for you complete with simple detailed action plans to ensure you’re headed in the right direction and ready to take your next step on EET’s Path to Success!




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