Clearing Up Confusion! EET Timing Not Just Donuts For Weight Loss, Fitness FAQ

EET Timing is SO much more than Donuts.  Mr. EET’s 4 year success is also about Bakery Cookies! Pic from yesterday is for my Mom so she knows I still love one cookie in each hand – Love you Mom! 🙂

The EET Fitness Plan has been very clear that EETers are taught to eat a well balanced, nutritious diet that includes all the foods they love, at the correct TIMES, but it’s simply no fun to take pics of us eating broccoli!

But, every time we show a pic of Mr. EET displaying his love of Donuts (as we did earlier this week), we always get some “cheerful” feedback saying “Those pictures of disgusting, unhealthy food don’t make me want to try EET”.

EET politely responds that if they are interested, we would be happy to share pictures of these folks with the foods these folks love the most and how these foods have helped them achieve long term weight loss, fitness and a better quality of life like donuts have done for Mr. EET, and Reeses have done for Kathy, and Brownies have done for Lisa, and so on..

To date, no one has taken us up on our offer….hmmm……

But, it does raise a valid point.  EET Fitness is a TIMING Plan, not a restrictive Food diet, and this can be very confusing to dieters who are sure you have to give up foods you love in order to lose weight or become more fit.

Next Month (July), we will be starting our TRIAL of The NegotiEETing Guide for Quality of Life, Weight Loss and Fitness (read more about the Trial HERE).  The NegotiEETion guide is 100% based on the elements of EET that have been consistently proven with our many EET Success Stories, and it has helped us simplify EET a lot.  We thought we’d get a head start on the Trial and answer a few FAQ’s today and in upcoming blog posts.

Feel free to post your questions here or send them to , and we’ll answer them in future posts.  Here’s 3 FAQ to get the ball rolling (click to enlarge slides):

We’re excited to let people see SPECIFICALLY  just how different EET truly is from any other diet or fitness plan.  So send us your questions and stay tuned:


This webinar featured some quick easy checklists on how to take your EETing to the next level.  Some were less than 10 words long and you can use them even if you haven’t watched all the prior webinars.

So, for the first time, we’ve added a link to DOWNLOAD the slides from the webinar too!

Check out the webinar recording HERE and you’ll learn many ways to ramp up your summer EETing while REMOVING the guilt and later regret!


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