EET FAQ For Weight Loss, Fitness What are TIMING Patterns? Good for Pizza, Vegan, Paleo?

In order to reach our goals, do EETers need to avoid Pizza or pick through a Greek Gyros platter for what cavemen ate or what “forks over knives” says is “healthy”?  See our answer in this post.  note Pizza from Pizza Orgasmica, San Rafael  Greek Platter from Troy Greek Cuisine in Berkeley.

Soon, EET Fitness will be starting our TRIAL of The NegotiEETing Guide for Quality of Life, Weight Loss and Fitness (read more about the Trial HERE). The NegotiEETion guide is 100% based on the elements of EET that have been consistently proven with our many EET Success Stories, and it has helped us simplify EET a lot. We thought we’d get a head start on the Trial and answer a few FAQ’s today and in upcoming blog posts.  In case you missed it here’s the prior blog posts with EET FAQ TIME!

Clearing Up Confusion! EET Timing Not Just Donuts For Weight Loss, Fitness FAQ

Feel free to post your questions here or send them to , and we’ll answer them in future posts. Here’s 3 more FAQ to help you understand what EET is and how it works (click to enlarge slides):

Mr. EET went ahead and at all of the food shown in the pics above, but each EETer can always build their own menu and timing that works for their NegotiEETion efforts — and maybe some of you EETers will join me in sharing all the great foods YOU love and use in your NegotiEETions–EET’s readers want to know!   

More FAQ coming soon.  TIME to find out for youself that there really is a completely different plan that can deliver weight loss and fitness without deprivation or restriction for ANY lifestyle you choose.


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