400 lb Doug Learning EET OBESITY CURE Loses 53 lbs in 9 months vs FDA Belviq Pill

Doug is curing his years of yo-yo dieting and obesity learning  EET Timing.  He eats without forbidden foods or predefined portion control, he takes NO supplements, never counts his calories and he does not exercise.  He’s lost 53 lbs in 9 months and he’s healthier and has reduced medication.

The premise of diets and fitness plans that claim success if you lose weight or see fitness results fast is completely flawed and actually the CAUSE of yo-yo dieting.  The key to curing obesity is TIME (and EET Timing!).  It’s not how fast you lose, but HOW LONG you can keep off what you lose.                  —-Mr. EET, Founder EET Fitness, Inc.

Meet Doug.  He’s EET Fitness’ poster child for the CURE for obesity.

 In a world where fast weight loss at all costs is the only goal,  the FDA has just approved a new weight loss PILL Belviq (Lorcaserin) that “works” like this:

 “It helps people lose about 5% or more of their starting weight (which for Doug would be 20 lbs)  when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.” …. The approved labeling for Belviq recommends that the drug be discontinued in patients who fail to lose 5% of their body weight after 12 weeks of treatment, because these patients are unlikely to achieve much weight loss with continued treatment.

 Oh yeah and let’s not forget this…..

 The FDA says.Lorcaserin was rejected by an FDA advisory panel in 2010 over safety concerns. The second time the advisory committee met, the members discussed heart valve concerns but decided that the benefits of the drug outweighed the risks.

 Doug, on the other hand,  is learning through EET how to find answers for weight loss and fitness that can last a lifetime.

 Doug’s success shows EET is an obesity cure?  We’re  kidding right?  It took this guy 9 Months to lose 53 pounds!  We routinely see “Biggest losers” and HuffPost success stories who have lost 53 lbs in their first 9 WEEKS.  Doug’s “amazing” EET Cure didn’t see him lose more than 10 lbs for his FIRST 6 MONTHS!  Not to mention he’s still got WELL over 100 pounds to lose to reach his goal! 

You read EET’s claim correctly.  Our society has been down the “gotta lose it fast” “gotta reach our goal to succeed” and “we need drugs and surgery to solve obesity” path for far too long and here are the RESULTS to show for it (click to enlarge):

 As the following graph of Doug’s weight loss versus a typical crash dieter shows, the answer was always right in front of our noses – TIME (and EET Timing!).

(click to enlarge)


EET can’t guarantee where Doug’s efforts to learn EET will lead him, but the fact that Doug is still on his EET plan 9 months later, having lost 53 pounds living a quality of life he can manage and even enjoy, and feeling  SUCCESSFUL while crash dieters may lose 100 pounds in the first 90 days and have REGAINED back up to 53 pounds below their start weight at 9 months feeling like FAILURES shows you the impact of TIME (and EET Timing) to curing obesity.  It’s not how fast you lose, but HOW LONG you can keep off what you lose.

And 9 months into learning EET Timing, Doug has lost almost 15% of his start weight (and he’s still on a downward trend).   Please go research typical weight loss after 1 year on ANY DIET PLAN and you’ll see EET is on to something!

 EET stands behind our claim.  Only TIME will tell if we’re right, and if there’s one thing EET has got, it’s TIME :-).   Please check EET’s Blog tomorrow when we’ll share Doug’s story to date in his own words.  Thanks so much to Doug for sharing his important and hopefully inspiring EET LONG TERM weight loss success story!


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