If All Diets Create Fast Weight Loss But NONE Keep It Off…Do They Work? Mrs. EET’s ANSWER

Three years into her EET Plan, Mrs. EET is in her goal weight range routinely EETing Giant Bagels (of course with Cream Cheese!), or more often Donuts.  She’s run a half marathon and her Health readings are all in great shape.  NegotiEETion Excellence!


What if your goal EVERY week, no matter what you weighed was to lose 1 lb each week?  It wouldn’t matter what plan you chose, what foods in what amounts you choose to eat, and no worries about how much exercise you decide to do.


You would have lost a whopping 8 lbs after your first 2 months.  Dieters around the globe would be making fun of you wondering “what sort of diet is that” as they rave about  their 20 lbs they lost on their “lost weight FAST” plans.

Fast forward 2 years.  You would have lost 104 LBS! Would that make a dent in your goals?  Every piece of available research says that your friends would be back where they started on their way to even higher weights, if they were lucky, more likely their weight loss would be a distant memory as they were trying the NEXT latest greatest diet fad to come along.  This is the REALITY of diets  — even though it LOOKED like they were great success stories with their 30 lbs in 90 days “Jump Start” plans.

Mrs. EET saw this long ago and has lost her 20-25 lbs and kept it off for OVER 3 YEARS NOW.  She rarely goes a day without ice cream and she nearly keeps up with Mr. EET when the donuts are around too!  Don’t get me wrong, she EET’s plenty of other foods to make sure she gets her nutrition, she’ll do her 20 minutes of EET exercise several days a week, but she’s also is sure to include the amazing foods she needs for her QUALITY OF LIFE.  AND her blood readings and Dr’s reports are all in excellent shape.

Mrs. EET is a superstar NegotiEETer!

Here’s a recent strategy she shared to help others see the power of a well thought out NegotiEETion:

I often find myself passsing through the staff room at work, only to be confronted with a tray of goodies put out to share with the everyone.   This usually  happens in the morning, which I use as my prime fat-burning time.

 Every week day,  I wake up, have coffee, often get a quick workout in, and then head to work but won’t eat until my first break, which is a few hours later.

When confronted with  tempting treats during this time, I picture my metabolism working at high gear, burning that fat, and know that I can wait.  Sometimes I can look at it and know that it’s really not worth it (dry looking brownies, ) , but if it’s something that’s really GREAT and I know I would really enjoy it like a donut or a great looking bagel and cream cheese, then I take one and save it to add to my late-morning meal or lunch.

The result?  I get to have that treat but at the right TIME so it doesn’t interfere with my fat-burning window.  Then I can enjoy it without guilt or regret – which is, of course, the only way to EET!

So what about you?  Can Mrs. EET’s amazing “keep it simple” 1 lb per week question allow you to see through the myth that diet’s that create fast weight loss WORK?  Can you see the TRUTH that diets that create fast weight loss are the CAUSE of Long Term Weight GAIN?

Sure hope so, because EET thinks everyone who wants to lose weight should stop doing things that create weight GAIN over the long term!

Very soon, we’re gonna start EET’s NegotiEETing Trial and we want you to see what how  and how weight loss and fitness really work for those of us who demand a high quality of life and would like to eliminate guilt and later regret while achieving and maintaining their goal weight over TIME.


We’ll be starting em up again next week so come ready to take your NegotiEETing to the next level!


One thought on “If All Diets Create Fast Weight Loss But NONE Keep It Off…Do They Work? Mrs. EET’s ANSWER

  1. Thanks for sharing, Mrs. EET! Great to hear your perspective and tips. I like the idea of picturing your metabolism working! Great idea!

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