How EET Metabolic Timing Works for Weight Loss, Fitness VIDEO, MENUS NegotiEETion Trial Started!

Here are the basics of EET Metabolic Timing, watch the short video below to learn more.  Also check out the sample timing  menus and EET’s Trial’s 1st NegotiEETion in this post.

EET Fitness Proudly Presents:

No registration required to see our 1st update. (Just scroll down for short video and sample timing menus!)

We’ve started our trial this week and you can follow the progress of our trial participants and see how EET really works! 

You can see the entire 1st update  EET’s New Home Page, plus our new EET TIMING EXPLAINED FAQ page, or you can scroll down here and see most of the 1st update. No registration required!  We just want to show you how completely different and effective EET is!    If you are willing to forward this info to friends and colleagues to help EET create awareness,  that would be greatly appreciated!

Here are sample EET Metabolic TIMING menus.  WE HAVE TOLD TRIAL PARTICIPANTS TO STOP YOUR DIET THINK — you can substitute FREELY on these menus ANY foods you love –just TIME THOSE CARBS!  You can even NegotiEET the timing!!  More about this in the video (click to enlarge).

EET does NOT recommend folks not in our trial try a NegotiEETion!  This is for info purposes only and EVERYONE should consult their medical professionals before starting any plan!  EET Fitness, Inc. cannot be responsible for any weight loss or fitness efforts you choose to make. (click to enlarge)  

We’re excited to show you the basics of EET Timing.  Our consulting using EET’s Timing Guideines has helped hundreds lose weight and keep it off, helped diabetics and those with blood pressure and cholesterol issues go off medication, insulin and helped many athletes dramatically improve their fitness levels in a fraction of the time they used to train!

WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK, QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS (Be sure to subscribe to our blog above, or get on our email list by emailing us at   because we plan to send a few bonus updates and videos to those who do). 

MORE NegotiEETing Trial Updates coming soon (see our home page for previews) so we hope you’ll stay tuned!


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