EET Mount Lassen AND Donuts For Weight Loss, Fitness & QUALITY OF LIFE! PICS!!

Here’s Mr. EET’s version of a NegotiEETion.  The Lassen Peak Trail is 5 miles at 8-10,500 feet altitude and is supposed to take 4-5 hours.  Mr. EET got it done in a little over 2 hours — and I don’t endurance train!!   AMAZING what NegotiEETing well timed donuts can do for fitness (weight loss too!).  Of course,  I was INJURY FREE and  did my normal 20 minute workout the next day too (click to enlarge all pics)!

Last Week’s EET FITNESS NegotiEETing Strategy Photo Album:

EARLY – TIME to buy the Donuts. ( Donut Rising, Chico, CA  closes early so had to get them here before hike because my research indicated these were INCREDIBLE artisan donuts!) – NOT TIME to EET the donuts though, not even a taste…didn’t even cross my mind :-).

TIME TO HIKE! About 90 minutes from Donut Rising I arrived at the base of the Lassen Peak Trail – carried water and an apple and an EET sandwich in case I needed carbs — ended up only drinking water.

PICTURE TIME – This was not a race!  Mr. EET hikes to “enjoy the ride”–period.  And pics are a part of the ride.  However, it is such an absolute waste of time photographing mountains — you have no idea how steep this rocky section is!  Maybe the glacier in JULY gives you a better perspective on the elevation?

SUMMIT TIME:  About 75 minutes later.  AMAZING.  Pictures cannot tell this story.    That small white spec in the distance is 14,000 ft Mount Shasta about 100 miles away.  You drive right by it on I-5 on the way to Oregon. It’s a “must see” if you haven’t.

DONUT EETing TIME!  About an hour later down the mountain safe and sound.  This is me with the Fatboy –HUGE Chocolate covered donut filled with custard.  It was the easiest to grab for this pic but didn’t stack up to the Fleur De Sol (Salted Caramel Chocolate) or the Donut Holes – WOW is all I can say.  Oh yeah — GUILT FREE!! — I can say that too 🙂  And yes I ate my EET sandwich, apple and veggies too — loved em every bit as much as the donuts (seriously!).

POST FUN MEAL 3 Mile Stroll Time!  This other trail called “Bumpass Hell” is right next to the Peak Trail.  Supposed to be moderate and lead to guyser and boiling lakes and other cool stuff.  I figured, “PERFECT — a nice easy 3 mile stroll” — it was actually kinda hilly with a lot of slushy snow on the trail.  Of course all the best sights were at the end so I couldn’t cut it short.    WELL worth the sights though!

TIME TO HEAD HOME:  The closest Chik Fil A is 50+ Miles from my house — I CHERISHED every bite of my two Chicken Sando’s and those amazing waffle fries.   Best part of the trip?  It’s up there!!!

Yet another successful NegotiEETion Completed!  This is MY definition of QUALITY OF LIFE  — to be able to EET my fill of donuts routinely, stay healthy, keep my weight in range, and especially experience places like Lassen using my fitness with no notice and no wasted TIME needed for training– just GO — and thank GOD EET keeps me (and Mrs. EET) this fit pretty much all the time cause the payoff has been huge on many fun adventures.  Don’t think you have to be like me — far from it — but you should seek the things you love and get them into YOUR life in a healthy and very positive way, and that’s what EET delivers!

In fact, this last weekend NegotiEETion was so special that

THIS WEEKEND — WE’RE NegotiEETing it AGAIN!  MORE Pics to come!

Mrs. EET is joining me this TIME too!  We can’t do the Lassen Peak Trail — closed, but this one looks sweet! 

And here’s Donut Rising’s specials — with my early “forecast”–always subject to change (or additions!!)  so we’re all set there too! 

Wonder what John Belushi would think if he found out EET proved he was RIGHT!!! (Old school SNL fans will understand 🙂 )

ONE MORE NOTE – They’re opening Lassen Peak Trail again for 2-3 days at the beginning of August.  I trust Donut Rising will be open as well.  EET “field trip” anyone?? 😉  



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