10 HORRIBLE Thoughts For Weight Loss, Fitness – “Healthy”, Summer, Salad?!, Exercise More….

No, you don’t GOT to stop snacking to lose weight and become more fit, that’s a HORRIBLE thought if your serious about long term weight loss and fitness !  See more horrible thoughts in this post.

EET Fitness wants to help you lose weight and become more fit.  A Lot.  More than you know.  So much of your long term success depends on your understanding what DOESN’T WORK every bit as much as what does.

See if you can figure out why the following 5 thoughts are HORRIBLE and virtually assure you will GAIN weight (and not be very happy with your eating or exercise either!) over time.  Tonight at EET’s Webinar (6:00 PM PST), we’ll cover all 10 of these thoughts and explain exactly how they can do so much damage to your weight loss and fitness efforts.  We’ll also answer your questions about EET’s NegotiEETing Trial Update #1 (See video at end of this blog post if you are not up to speed on EET’s Trial)

AND Mr. EET’s Pick for the WORST Horrible Thought:

The other 5 and all the details tonight at EET’s Webinar Tonight 6:00 PM PST  – ALL WELCOME!


And — Q and A on EET’s NegotiEETing Trial (in progress – here’s 1st update)



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