What if New England Journal Medicine Told You Calorie Counting, Exercise, Diets Don’t Work? VIDEO

How do you explain obesity experts from around the world quoted as saying “diets’ don’t work” and “long term weight loss may be IMPOSSIBLE” when so many diet plans claim to work?  Better yet how do you explain the skyrocketing obesity rate?   EET’s 4 minute video has your truly shocking answers.

Couple of highlights from the video:

“Over 5 years, studies are clear that over 99% of people who use today’s diets weigh more than before they started.  Over 10 years we have to round the failure rate to 100%!  So, if diets and exercise as currently recommended are the answer, where are the long term results to prove it?”

….How do you explain the New England Journal of Medicine’s landmark 2009 study which showed the same weight loss failure pattern among 800 participants PRESCREENED for motivation?    How do you explain expert Dr. Martjin Katan’s conclusions that were published with the study:

“We do not need another diet trial, we need a change of paradigm.” 

MUCH more in the video.  We really hope you’ll watch it, because these are facts everyone who cares about losing weight and more importantly KEEPING IT OFF should know.

And, as our way of thanking you for reading and watching, here’s some bonus research that ought to catch your attention.  We have a LOT more we can share if somehow you’re still not convinced.  Just contact us at eetfit@gmail.com if interested:

(click to enlarge)


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