1st Trial NegotiEETing Weight Loss Success! Q & A w/ Ruth – Lost 62 lbs on EET – 1 1/2 Years! LIVE Tonight

After losing over 60 lbs EETing for 18 months, Ruth completed her 1st successful NegotiEETion!  She shares details including some unexpected struggles! 

EET Fitness has been sharing our NegotiEETing Trial for the last couple of weeks.  However, the NegotiEETing Guide has been in development for several months. 

Ruth is certainly one of the all time great EETers. She’s lost 60+ lbs for 1 1/2 years after 20+ years of insane yo-yo dieting.  So we asked her to try an EET NegotiEETion the way were teaching it in the trial.   She succeeded and found out a few things she didn’t know about EET along the way!

Here’s a few Q and A with Ruth in her “post game” interview to share some highlights.  Even better, Ruth will be LIVE tonight at EET’s Webinar to go over all the details of her 1st NegotiEETion, and answer MANY MORE questions for those “rookies” out there looking to get started NegotiEETing! (click to enlarge slides)

EET is so much more than Metabolic Timing .  If you want to see a completely different way to approach weight loss and fitness IN ACTION, and a great sneak preview of future EET Trial Updates to come, you don’t want to miss EETer MVP candidate Ruth Tonight!




2 thoughts on “1st Trial NegotiEETing Weight Loss Success! Q & A w/ Ruth – Lost 62 lbs on EET – 1 1/2 Years! LIVE Tonight

    • Hello Linda!

      Thanks for writing — you can keep an eye on EET’s blog and our website http://www.eetfit.com to see how our NegotiEETing Trial is progressing which will give you a feel for how EET works. Once the trial is concluded (about 4-6 weeks) we hope to offer a “package” product/e book that you can use as a “self guided” way to use EET.

      If you want to jump ahead we are still offering direct coaching at our old rates until the new guide is ready so you would sign up for the “Full membership” EET fitness plan which would give you direct coaching and guidance via email and phone.

      email us with any questions at any time! thanks for writing.


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