EET Road Map To Weight Loss and Fitness – 15 Yr Study Shows it’s NOT How FAST!

Here is EET’s 5 Step Road Map to Weight Loss, Fitness and we also believe Quality of Life. 

If you are participating or following EET Fitness’ NegotiEETing Trial, things are about to get even more interesting for you.  If you are not yet aware of our trial you can see all the updates to date HERE. 

Above you can now see EET’s Road Map that shows you the basic elements of how we have created so many success stories that are staying with their EET plans for upwards of 4 years (and counting).

We’ve already covered what research says about required calorie counting and exercise (avg 2 lb WEIGHT GAIN over 5 years).  But, to give you an idea of the track record of ALL those many plans touting how successful they are for dieters, today we present you with the findings of 3 different studies that covered some 30,000 people — it tells quite a different story indeed:

(click to enlarge)

Sunday night at EET’s Webinar (6:00 PM PST ) , We’ll review each of the 5 Road Map elements and preview more updates coming in the next couple of weeks.

For Invites or any specific questions you’d like answered Sunday night email us at


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