EET 1 Question POP QUIZ For Weight Loss and Fitness & Ruth’s Next NegotiEETion

Here’s a 1 question pop quiz for you.  Whaddya think? (click to enlarge)   EET Fitness will provide our answer Tomorrow.  Feel free to reply in comments — Those who attended Sunday webinar please don’t give away the answer!

Ruth’s Successful NegotiEETion Webinar Now Recorded

Here’s a few highlights (click to enlarge slides) — check out the rest by going HERE. 

Note:  We had technical difficulties on this webinar so we recommend fast forwarding to 32 minutes when they were fixed — we did a brief review then had a great rest of webinar and Q and A — definitely worth your TIME!

Way to go Ruth — we all appreciate you sharing your keys to success!  Keep us updated please!

One more note — no Webinar this Wednesday 7/26/2012 but do check in tomorrow for our pop quiz answer!! 


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