EET Long Term Weight Loss Fitness Quiz Answer Case For “A” & DEATH of “Lifestyle Change”

Yesterday we presented the following 1 question pop quiz:

Here’s EET’s answer to that quiz:

Actually, we didn’t come up with the “none of the above answer” – Science did.  Anyone who follows EET’s Blog knows our answer “D” is supported by an overwhelming body of clinical research. 

Case Can Be Made That “A” Is Correct Answer

In fairness, you could have answered “A” and had an argument behind you.  One of the “studies” performed by the National Weight Control Registry (not really a study, more like surveys and interviews), showed a correlation between longer term weight loss and maintenance and a “life altering event” like a diagnosed illness or a divorce or a death in the family.

Now, let’s be clear.  The data from the NWCR indicates that approximately 1 in 30,000 people can keep ANY meaningful weight off for 10 years or more, so even the life altering event doesn’t have a very high success rate.  In fact we cal the success rate a FAILURE rate because it so rarely produces long term weight loss.

And, more importantly, we don’t recommend you pursue it!  Who wants to have to be diagnosed with some horrible disease or have something horrible in our family life happen just to lose weight and keep it off?

That said, it’s a FAR FAR FAR FAR more reliable approach to long term weight loss than the other two options.  There is not a SINGLE SHRED of evidence that you can keep weight off for any meaningful period of time if you  “decide it’s time for a lifestyle change” or simply “want to”.  In fact every piece of available information says those two choices will lead to WEIGHT GAIN.

We’ve all been there, done that — how’s it worked out for us?  So can we PLEASE stop with the lifestyle change talk?  It’s causing obesity!! (no joke)

Now, EET is committed to bringing you weight loss and fitness SOLUTIONS, so we provided our PROVEN answer to long term weight loss success at the bottom of the slide.  You must learn to LOVE your weight loss and fitness plan.  No lifestyle change decree required!  We wrote about this OVER TWO YEARS AGO HERE and lots of us are still working on LOVING our diets today :

The Key to Ending YoYo DietingLove Your Diet

EET strongly recommends for your best chance at long term weight loss and an even better chance to STOP WASTING TIME on plans and decrees that are proven failures, you keep all of the above in mind as you make your weight loss and fitness decision!

See more Quiz Q and A on EET’s Latest Webinar – now recorded!

Note for EETers who watch this webinar — there’s a CHANGE to one of these 5 you’ll want to hear — Here’s another quiz question about it.  (click to enlarge slides) — check out the rest by going HERE.


One more note — no Webinar tonight Wednesday 7/25/2012 but we’ll have a new one SOON!


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