Ivy League Research Expert Finds EET Donuts Superior To Paleo For Weight Loss – Technical Ansnwer!

Check out the email from a true Ivy Leaguer with Lab Research Experience!   Finally realized these 20 elements of successful EETing stack up to the most rigorous of research!

And, even more importantly, it’s yet another opportunity for Mr. EET to tout his LOVE of Donuts!  Get to bring Mrs. EET along for the ride this time too!  These were from last week at Lassen — Check out the CHIK FIL A Minis under my donut — PARADISE!  Once you’ve studied the POWER of Timing, Mountains and Donuts then feel free to read the email below:-) ….

Hey Mr. EET!

So, it’s been an entire year(!) since the first time I emailed you about doing EET. I lost weight, gained it back, lost it again, gained it back again — doing EET, eating “clean”, eating too much, etc. You know that I love to do research, so for the past year I’ve been reading all kinds of (bullshit) studies about nutrition and exercise. A while ago I came to the conclusion that the “Paleo” diet was nutritionally the best overall, so I tried it — and it worked. I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. And it absolutely sucked. (Note: I know this is slightly technical terminology — but hopefully readers understand “research speak”) 🙂

So, no matter how much I would like to disagree with you about the idea that donuts are healthy, I’ve realized that you’re right — we can argue about whether or not they are healthy for your body, but there’s no doubt that they are good for you mentally. There’s just no getting around that and there never will be, and EET is the only diet that lets you be consistently happy (unless you are insane and don’t like eating fat or carbs) without “cheating.” 

Long story short, it took me a while to get here, but I think I’m finally ready to really EET and stick with it instead of letting school and stress get in the way. Let me know what’s new with it and all the new ideas you’ve got.

Sorry Cavemen — As this Ivy Leaguer discovered, evolution is VERY real, and EETers embrace our evolution of loving donuts and not having to “cheat” to EET any food progress has created that we love!


BUT, we’ll make it up to you next week with 2 Webinars and a nice surprise for ALL EETers!


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