Exercise is NOT The Key To Weight Loss: EET’s Proof and 5-30 Minute Solution

I believe that the Good Lord gave us a finite number of heartbeats and I’m damned if I’m going to use up mine running up and down a street.
-Neil Armstrong


The EET Fitness Plan’s  mission is to help people achieve weight loss, fitness and the quality of life that’s important to them.  Exercise has its role in that process, but it’s not the key to weight loss.  Not even close.

 For most dieters it’s a much bigger part of the problem than the solution.   Relying on exercise to reach your weight loss goals is a very risky game, that often leads to weight gain, injuries ranging from nagging to life threatening, and significant psychological damage including overwhelming guilt for not having exercised, obessing about not having done enough exercise or at the extremes a complete dependence on exercise to define happiness and peace of mind each day.

 Why anyone believes that exercise is the key to weight loss short or long term is a mystery when there is already such powerful proof to the contrary:

  •  Many people lose weight by simply changing their eating habits without exercise.

  • None of the major commercial weight loss plans, with endless resources at their disposal, require exercise in their structure.

  • All available research shows the same results for weight loss efforts requiring exercise as other forms of restrictive or deprivation based dieting.  The “Check Mark From Hell Pattern” within 2-5 years.

 So, can we please put to rest the notion that exercise is THE KEY to weight loss?

 The only argument dieters can make in support of exercise is that it generally creates much faster weight loss than dieting without exercise.   EET’s first response is: Who cares?  Where has fast weight loss ever gotten us longer term?  But there are other issues to consider as well:

 1)     You might get injured exercising which will derail your weight loss progress as a direct result of your exercise efforts.  

2)    Have you chosen a sound exercise program that actually encourages weight loss?

3)    Many who yo-yo exercise alter their eating behaviors as a “reward” for having completed exercise.

So the fast results argument is weak at best, but in the end no discussion of how fast results are achieved matters when we’re pursuing results we need to see last long term!  The entire issue is complete waste of TIME, and yet fast weight loss through exercise is what most dieters are completely focused on making weight loss decisions! 

The fitness industry knows this all too well.  The “Biggest Loser” TV series has shown amazing fast results achieved using ridiculously risky and unsustainable exercise for years.  Dieters can’t help but focus on the fat disappearing short term and that’s what they believe they desperately want.

 Then there’s the incredibly well marketed 90 day “total transformation” plans.  Results?  Incredible sales and profits earned by the makers of p90x and other similar plans for years and years, meanwhile the obesity epidemic continues to spiral out of control.  Is that the solution we’re after?

 And, more recently, this focus on whatever it takes to get fast results has taken even a more bizarre twist.   The fitness industry has even convinced many dieters that “insane” high risk workouts are what the really successful people do to reach their goals.  You just don’t get it.  It’s FUN to risk your life and be in insane pain!  You simply need to stop being lazy, buy the DVD’s, or join an expensive gym for your high risk workouts and you’ll enter a new miracle world where pain is exciting and your weight loss problems will be solved.

This sort of hype is a big part of the problem with exercise.  Dieters are encouraged to believe, “I’ve got to make this happen NOW, and start busting their butts risking injury doing exercise they have no hope of staying with longer term.  You’ll hear all about how great their plan is as they get started.  Then a few months or perhaps a year later and they’re “off” that plan and weigh more than when they started.  Not only do countless studies and all available research prove this is true,  I know it’s true because that person was ME for over 20 years before I discovered EET.

Hang on.  If exercise is not key to weight loss and potentially harmful, why does EET stand for Eating and EXERCISE Timing?

The rest of this Chapter of EET’s 10 PROVEN Keys To Weight Loss and Fitness is being sent to EET Members!  The complete e-book will be available to all soon and we’ll cover a few more keys at TONIGHT’S EET Webinar  6:30 PM PST.   Invites?   eetfit@gmail.com


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