Penny, 52, Uses EET Runs 10 Miles on only 8th Run – Half Marathon This Sunday!

EET Fitness has another half marathoner, and her story might just be the best one yet!

 No matter what happens this Sunday when Penny runs in the Wine Country Half Marathon, she’s already a GREAT EET success story because of all she’s already accomplished.  Specifically:

 1)      She no longer beats herself up when she has to miss a workout – trust me, she missed several and now understands EET can build your training around YOUR lifestyle.

2)      She has learned and now applies EET’s Injury Free Training Techniques

3)      She understands that motivation and discipline are not the key to success – EET’s Metabolic, Weekly and Calendar TIMING are!

4)      She was able to start from her couch (well actually her office chair) and complete a 10 mile run on only her 8th training run – and she’s 52…..errrr 39 years old! 🙂

On Sunday, Penny hopes to join an elite group of EETers (including 2 Doctors!) who have completed 10k’s, half and FULL marathons with almost no training runs.  Here are her thoughts as she now looks forward to her race:

How to Run 13 miles with One Step and Ten Rocks

     I started my EET Fitness Half Marathon Challenge on April 29th.  In just over three months, I’m ready to run a half-marathon!  I’m shocked.  My kids are shocked. My friends will be shocked! The most success I ever had running in the past was making it one lap (yes, just a quarter mile) around a track around 30 years ago.  I’m not a runner, but I turned into one with Jon’s program!   Did I say I am shocked?

    Jon promised it would only take about 20 minutes a day and I would be ready to go in 90 days.  Who doesn’t have 20 minutes?  I could find all sorts of good excuses for not exercising.  I had no good excuse where I could not commit 20 minutes a day to this.  I waste more time playing Words with Friends!

I did it with one step, ten rocks and following Jon’s program. 

Penny’s EET Training Tools for Half Marathon Success??  YES!!

    One step up, one step down, repeat for a minute.  Run for a minute. Grab a rock.  Repeat the interval. Collect six rocks.  Eventually collect ten.  Then go run a half-marathon.  It’s kind of that simple.  Along with my nice rock collection, I collected some good habits and some good changes in attitude.  I collected some fun clothes to wear while I do my steps and collect my rocks.  It’s been a great three months and I’m still shocked!

    I’m hoping my little story about one step and ten rocks will be an encouragement to others.  The EET Fitness program is my little miracle.  Running a half-marathon is quite a feat for this middle aged, sedentary woman who never could run before. Thanks, Jon, for this great program and for getting me off the couch and onto the pavement.  It all started with one step! Thumbs up for EET Fitness and the finish line next week!

Penny is a real inspiration, so EET hopes you’ll join us in wishing  her the best of luck on her race – hopefully, she’ll add this amazing accomplishment to her already impressive results that most people can only dream of—but with EET Timing and 60-90 days and 10 (or fewer!) training runs – the dream has become reality for everyone who’s tried it!


Can’t recommend this webinar highly enough — It’s will reduce your stress levels more than a day on the beach!

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