Penny, 52, Finishes Half Marathon w/ 10 Training Runs! NEXT: Work on EET ULTIMATE Goal PICS!

Congrats to Penny!    Great job cruising through her 1st half marathon using EET’s Training nearly 1 minute per mile faster than her goal – and great job with the awesome EETer celebration Breakfast pic too!!!

Penny’s Chili and Cheese Omelette with sour cream and and a side of Hash Browns.  Healthy EETing!

Penny keeps The EET Fitness Plan’s Success rate for the EET Half Marathon Training Program at 100%!    JUST 10 TRAINING RUNS from couch to COMPLETING a 13.1 mile half marathon — in 13 minutes a mile!!  AMAZING! 

Penny was a GREAT student!  She learned how to become fit enjoyiing her workouts injury free WITHOUT painful exercise, and to EET something amazing when the job’s done!  Both critical life lessons if you want to succeed on EET! 🙂

Next, Penny can continue to learn EET by coming to EET’s Webinar on Wednesday 6:30 PM PST and learn how to parlay her success into something most people can only dream about.  In fact, most people think it’s impossible–but EETers are working towards and accomplishing EET’s Ultimate Goal every day!



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