Mrs. EET Recipe for No Pasta Pumpkin Zucchini Lasagne = LOVING FOOD for Weight Loss & Fitness

Mr. and Mrs. EET love this nutritious recipe as much as our ice cream and our donuts.  In fact we love it MORE when it’s the right TIME to EET it!  See Below for more about EET Recipes(click to enlarge)

There are a lot of people who think they understand The EET Fitness Plan.  I hear descriptions all the time such as:

1) EET’s a plan where you have to eat your foods at only certain times

2) EET’s a plan that makes you exercise before you eat

3)  EET’s a plan where you eat all kinds of junk food and can still lose weight.

4)  EET’s a plan where you don’t eat breakfast or at night

All of these descriptions have some truth to them but in the end they are all WRONG.

Here’s what the EET Fitness Plan is – plain and simple:

1)  An Eating and Exercise TIMING (EET) Plan that creates weight loss and improved fitness while being flexible enough to adjust to anybody’s current timing schedule – no matter what’s going on in your life.

2) A plan that creates weight loss and fitness by teaching you  how to truly LOVE any foods you choose.

That’s EET.  And our most recent webinar covers a lot of the details and is now recorded so



Talk about creating weight loss and fitness with foods you love!   This dish is tastes so incredibly good and is so satisfying we didn’t miss the lasagne noodles at all.  Mrs. EET made a few adjustments to get it to firm up right from my original suggestions (she’s a much better cook!) –and now we’ve got it!  Amazing taste along with low calories, low carbs and low fat.


There are at least 17 different EET Sandwiches (we know of!) including an EET Reuben and EET Caesar Wrap.  The above EET Chicken Sandwich with roasted pineapple salsa and Frank’s Hot Sauce created a WHOLE lot of LOVE, WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS for Mr. EET!  (click to enlarge)

EET doesn’t focus on recipes like deprivation diets struggling to make ANYTHING taste good.   We have no food restrictions so the we can EET anything we choose, we simply focus on TIMING.  That said, people like to learn about what other EETers are doing at various meal times, so we’ve created some recipe cards to help guide EETers.  They are a more user friendly, updated version of EET’s Nutritional Timing Labels that you can see HERE.

We’ll review a bunch of recipes and food options for all times of the day, and share other ideas for LOVING your EETing this Sunday Night at 6:00 PM



One thought on “Mrs. EET Recipe for No Pasta Pumpkin Zucchini Lasagne = LOVING FOOD for Weight Loss & Fitness

  1. What’s the password for this webinar? Sounds interesting. Hopefully I can watch it w/o losing it?


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