Summer Ending, TIME to Refocus on Weight Loss, Fitness B4 Holidays – BREAK THE CYCLE!

EET has answers you can use now, and we’re betting this is the TIME of year you’ll be looking for them!

Summer’s just about over.  EET Fitness hopes you have a great holiday weekend!  After Labor Day, just watch how your focus changes as the season changes.  Meaning, the TIME of year has a huge influence on your behaviors, which directly effects your weight loss and fitness efforts. 

For example: which one were you?

Person A)  This summer, I’m gonna have more TIME, and I’m really gonna deal with this weight loss and fitness thing.


Person B)  There’s just no way to stay with my diet and exercise plan with the kids around all the time and vacations,  BBQ’s, etc.  Thank God summer is ending so I can lose this weight I gained and get back on track?

Person C)  I HATE Summer because of the endless temptations that will cause me to gain weight and feel guilty for eating all kinds of unhealthy food I shouldn’t be eating.

or  perhaps you’ve adopted more of an EETer philosophy and taken control of your TIMING to end the cycle of yo-yo nightmares as in….

Person D)  I’ll arrange my schedule so I have TIMES to EET whatever I love in the amounts I love, and enjoy the hell out of it guilt free.  I’ll accomplish this by making sure I have TIMES  my weight loss and fitness goals are not forgotten, and ensure I continue to make progress with my EETing.

And now we head into a new season, Fall, which is followed by yet another season  HOLIDAY SEASON, both of which will be just as predictable, if you don’t break the cycle of letting TIME control your eating and exercise related behaviors!  You can take control of your Eating and Exercise TIMING (aka EETing)!

And, as always EET is here to help.  Below are links to our 3 latest webinars (audio should be fixed!) packed with specific guidelines, strategies and case studies that you can use to see the difference between:

THE EET FITNESS PLAN: a plan completely committed to focusing on TIMING for weight loss and fitness with no food or portion restrictions, and no stressful exercise required.


CONVENTIONAL FOOD RESTRICTIVE DIETS:  Deprivation based, food restrictive, portion restrictive stress filled exercise DIET.

  EET hopes you use your valuable TIME wisely to learn how the 5 Different Types of EET Timing can help you build the lifestyle you want, rather than choosing a lifestyle that makes you unhappy (which could be TIMES suffering to lose weight and become more fit or TIMES suffering because you can’t lose weight and become more fit!).

Or, you can choose to spend all your TIME on the merry go round of seasonal timing, and hope that this TIME around will somehow be different.

This review webinar has guidelines,  strategies and case studies for dealing with challenges like Starving, Cravings, Stress   Portion Control, Vacations and More  CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW!

This “MUST WATCH” Webinar explains in great detail what a TREAT is and how you increase your chances at long term weight loss, fitness and quality of life dramatically if you learn how to use EET Timing to LOVE them!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW!

Mr. EET shows his passion for FUN Meals in this webinar, and how they can be key to long term success.  He also shares some realities about Loving Food and having FUN eating that might challenge your most cherished beliefs about food.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW!


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