Top 10 Strategies to LOVE Your EET TIMING Diet Plan! Here’s 5 that WORKED!

In our last webinar EET Fitness covered 10 ways to LOVE FOOD MORE (examples on prior post plus recording will be available MONDAY).   Here’s an example:

Most agree that when we love something, our efforts become a whole lot easier, so EET really wants you to love your EET plan.  However, loving a diet plan is not simple.  Most have endless prior dieting horror stories  getting in the way of understanding just how flexible EET TIMING truly is.  (You always want to remember EET was built by a person who was a complete FAILURE at deprivation dieting!)

So EET has compiled a list of 10 strategies that EETers have successfully used in their weight loss and fitness efforts to help them fall in LOVE with EET.  We hope these strategies will open your mind to the endless possibilities that can be part of The EET Fitness Plan’s Timing Guidelines (click to enlarge slides).

We’ll go over all 10 Sunday Night at 6:00 PM at EET’s Webinar with lots of specifics on how and why they work, but here’s 5  to “whet your appetite”:




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